Wait, there was sex in that video?

We live in a new house.  It’s a couple of years old, and its interior walls are almost entirely covered in white paint, save for the couple of rooms I have managed to get around to painting.  We spend a lot of time talking about paint colors and paint brushes and where to paint and not paint, etc.  It’s quite painful! 

The other day one of my fucktard acquaintances was showing me a pornographic video clip on his phone because he swore that the woman in the video was a woman he knew as a classmate at Southeast Missouri State. I didn’t go to SEMO anymore than I’m sure the woman in his video did, but he was persistent and he did have porn. Anyway, the scene was of a couple of gangly lovers, one of whom was apparently a babysitter, having girl on top coitus in a bedroom with the camera positioned at the head of the bed so you could see the woman doing her thing with a wall in the background.

While I’m sure the woman was lovely and the action was no doubt hot, I caught myself ignoring whatever it was that doofus was saying about his alleged former classmate because I was admiring the wall in the background.  I was also wondering where the hell the wife was during this illicit interlude.  The sitter asked where she was before she took her clothes off, so there’s a wife somewhere!  Did she pass out or was she in another room??  What sort of man has sex with the babysitter when he’s literally on a date night with his wife?  Anyway, back to the wall, it was painted a lovely shade of gray and I was thinking that color might look pretty good in our bedroom.  There is a naked woman on a screen in front of my face and I’m thinking “move bitch, I can’t see the wall!”  

Carissa has mentioned gray as an option several times, but I was never agreeable for some reason.  Maybe I thought it was too trendy or something.   I don’t know, but apparently, if you juxtapose a naked woman who may or may not have gone to SEMO in front of it, a gray wall ain’t so bad after all!

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13 Responses to Wait, there was sex in that video?

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  2. ardenrr says:

    I commented!

  3. tric says:

    Do you know that a bedroom painted purple is supposed to see the most action! Definitely not grey.

  4. The only reason you’re more interested in the wall color than a chick’s tits is because you’re already consumed far too much of that Bud Light Lime!!! hahahaha

  5. Nothing wrong with this at all. Not as if you were noticing the wall colour while YOU were having sex with the babysitter.

  6. aliciabenton says:

    I bet you were drinking a BLL while not watching your porn, weren’t you?? 😉

  7. wow. you must have been really into painting. and i thought you were going to say it was quite paintful.

  8. Christina says:

    You are a GREAT husband! More into the paint then the bouncing breasts and wondering what kind of man would be having sex on date night with his wife. You are such a gentleman!!!

  9. mollytopia says:

    God love ya Don! I’m so easily distracted it’s painful. I totally relate. So what color did you paint the bedroom? Or are you watching more porn to get color palette ideas?

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