It’s hard to believe that almost exactly 11 years from when most of you will read this, I was in a room with my family pounding cans of Natural Light from a cooler my brother had brought for me.

He brought a 30 pack because he’s always good about making sure we don’t run out of fun juice.

No, we weren’t on vacation in some beach front hotel room, rather, the reason for the beer was to celebrate the birth of my first born child, Ace!

She’s fucking 11!!

The nurse came into the room and sort of gave me a look like, “Really dude? Natural Light cans here in the room?”

I asked her if it was okay and she was totally cool about it.

“Just throw the empty cans away outside so it doesn’t stink up the room.” Was her only rule. Well, that and “She *nurse points to Wife* can’t have any.”

That was fair enough, more beer for me then, and we drank beer as we do when we have any reason to celebrate. I’m sure the wife was thrilled, but that’s how we roll.

As most of you know, I gots me two sons, Cool (5 now) and Gman (3 already).

They get a lot of play on this here blog because they’re sort of a team and they fuck things up all funny like together and make me chuckle. They’re boys, so doing stupid shit is in their nature.

Before the boys came along, however, I had me a girl.

A really special girl.

Ace mostly rolls her eyes at the boy shenanigans in the house, so it’s more difficult to catch her doing silly things. She does them, sure, but not as blatantly as her younger brothers.

Ace is a few years older than the boys because three weeks after we had her, I started law school. I was in law school, working my regular job as a cop and still working my secondary jobs too, so Wife was basically a single mom for much of Ace’s first few years.

I was always working or studying, so it wouldn’t have been fair to either of us to spit out another kid in the middle of trying to figure out how not to screw up the first one, so we waited.

That gave us a good run with the best girl a dad could ever ask for!

It seems like just yesterday we celebrated her first birthday. A friend of mine’s husband was director for the county parks and he got us a pavilion at a local park as well as some swim passes, all for free.

It sounds great, right?

It was, except for the fact that it was 137 degrees outside that day and I decided it’d be fun to barbecue for everyone. It was HOT.AS.BALLS!!

Happy first birthday, Ace.

Happy first birthday, Ace.

We made it through that day and learned our lesson about outside birthdays in July.

I assumed we could get away with just not celebrating her birthday ever again, but that didn’t fly.

Sorry kiddo, it's too hot for that shit!

Sorry kiddo, it’s too hot for that shit!

She’s been a good sport considering she has the DOAT for a dad.

I know most of you think that’d be pretty awesome, and it is, but it’s not all fun and games. She works around the house, and always has.

Not pictured - daddy drinking in a lawn chair nearby.

Not pictured – daddy drinking in a lawn chair nearby.

I was thrilled when she decided to dress up like her daddy on her first Halloween!

Moooooove your asses people, the cutest cow couple ever comin' through!

Moooooove your asses people, the cutest cow couple ever comin’ through!

She likes to play softball and has always had a pretty nice swing.

Ready to rip it!

Ready to rip it!

She’s also pretty good about sizing up the enemy when they get on base.

I'm not impressed with what I see here.

I’m not impressed with what I see here.

She’s an amazing kid and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

She wouldn’t want to admit it, but she’s got some goof in her. She’s more like her dad than she probably cares to admit.

2005-08-12 309

Sorry kid, it’s true.

We’ve always enjoyed our time together, whether it was riding horses.

2005-08-12 101

It sounded more fun than it actually was.

Teaching her gang signs.


Fo shizzle daddy.

Or just smiling for the hell of it.


Smiling for the hell of it.

Here’s a couple of pics so you don’t have to read my words for a few scrolls. You’re welcome.

edmonds05cards 039

Gratuitous hat pic.


Gratuitous bath pic.

Hahaha, and finally, here’s my baby girl and my mostly beloved Jojo. Ace has fed Jojo since she could walk, and still does to this day.

Even at 13, Jojo gets right up on her like she was below, back when she was a more spry 5 year old.



That’s all I got! This post was mostly for me to reminisce, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the Ace pics at least!

Have a great weekend.

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39 Responses to Ace, Ace, Ace!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!

  1. lrconsiderer says:

    Awwwwwh 🙂 Such a gorgeous smile. I love how enthusiastic she seems to be about everything – especially the horse ride and psyching out her enemies! Attagirl! Happy birthday Ace

  2. Paul says:

    She’s a live one Don. She’s not gonna be one of those high-maintenance girls but rather down to earth, for sure.Ya done a good job Don, too bad she looks kinda like you. Ha! She’s actually really pretty.

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    Happy Birthday Ace. Awesome tribute Don.

  4. barbtaub says:

    And the best part is that your work is completely done! Because as everyone knows, when they hit their teens, all girls are sweet, helpful, adorable, and respectful. Have fun with that.

    • That’s a relief, Barb, because I’d heard otherwise. And to think I worried about it a little bit.

      • barbtaub says:

        No, it’s completely true. In future years, you will look back on some of your charming and lovely daughter’s teen years with a sentimental tear in your eye as you realize that you can’t decide whether you’d prefer to repeat those days or go for a daily blow to your nuts. (Oddly enough, most dads will go for the nut-whack. Go figure…) Fun days ahead, Don. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  5. Happy Birthday, Ace! You didn’t have any recent pics of her today.

  6. Mental Mama says:

    Better clean the shot gun, dad – she’s going to be a looker and you’ll need to frighten off the boys.

  7. Nadia says:

    She is lovely. Happy birthday Ace!

  8. Twindaddy says:

    Happy birthday, Ace!!!

  9. hollie says:

    Happy birthday, Ace!

  10. mistyslaws says:

    Happy Happy birthday to your adorable young lady. Hang on, buddy. Those teen years are fast approaching. Probably good you have a gun. She’s way too cute.

    As an aside, this is where I’ll be yelling at you . . . prepare yourself. I have not gotten notice of your last THREE posts. What good is liking your site on FB if you don’t POST on FB that you have a new post, hmmm? Like I’m supposed to do all the work and check on you every day or something. I’m not your mom!! Post a notice on FB when you submit a new post, damnit! That is all.

    • It doesn’t just show up in your reader? I know it shows up in Twitter, but I can’t figure out the FB thing and I’m pretty lazy. I’ll take the yelling though. Any attention from a woman is appreciated. How’s the pregnancy going anyway?

  11. gimpet says:

    Luv these pics Don. You were hot when you were younger. Those baby blues must have got a lot of action in your swinger days, eh? LOL! She is darling and has her daddy wrapped up pretty tight. Good for her….

    • Thanks, Gimpet, you win for best comment ever!! Hey, when I was younger???? LOL. I get it though, it’s hard for women to resist a man in a cow costume.

      • gimpet says:

        LOL, hit the vanity button and I win the prize! Jerkbutt……We all age Don, a sad saggy baggy fact. Did you see what I looked like when I was younger? To see it you can search for either a post called “my mother was right” or “Eclectic Directions”. Now only a shadow remains and I am reconciled to being an old hag. Something Ace gets to experience. Although, maybe not, your wife has hit the jackpot, man, she is still hot, and I am not even attracted to women……did you rob the cradle?

  12. LisaListed says:

    Aww, now I wouldn’t get mad if you sprayed me in the face with sunscreen when you are trying to spray her down at the beach!!! She’s adorable 🙂

    Also, respect to the nurse who allowed fun juice in the hospital after birth haha… we need more nurses like her around!

  13. bethteliho says:

    So sweet, Don. She’s a precious little girl with her Daddy’s smile. 🙂

    I was gazing at my 10yo son the other day thinking, I can literally still smell his little baby head. Where did 10 years go???? Unbelievable.

  14. markbialczak says:

    Happy birthday, Ace. I think you do a pretty good job of keeping your Pop in line because, well, that’s what daughters come by very naturally. Thanks for sharing the memories, Don. Beautiful kiddo you have there, my friend. Enjoy. I’ve told you how fast my baby daughter got to be 24 …

  15. mollytopia says:

    Awesome – love it! Happy Birthday Ace!

  16. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. A proud dad is a joy to behold.

  17. Very nice. Happy birthday, Ace.

  18. Happy rockin’ birthday, Ace. You must be a really sweet girl – as well as beautiful – for your Dad to write such a beautiful birthday post for you. 😉

  19. julie says:

    Oh what joy! It is wonderful and goes by so very quickly. I stand in awe, wondering where my babies went and how they have been replaced with 20 somethings right under my very nose!

    Don’t worry about the teen years, you can practice by nailing jello to a tree.

  20. Love this Don. I feel really lucky to have my girl too since my boys are so crazy. 🙂

  21. Stephanie Sprenger says:

    Happy birthday, Ace! It’s not so bad having the DOAT for a dad…

  22. tric says:

    Where do the years go. Went on holiday with three gorgeous girls who can really wear a bikini. Felt like ten ton tessy next to them. Overused the line, ‘I used to look like you before you lot fecked up my figure forever’. Next year I’m insisting they all wear swim suits!
    I’m sure your little lady will continue to delight you.

  23. jgroeber says:

    Love the birthday shenanigans! Happy birthday to Daddy’s (not so) little girl.

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