Dear Trent & Tyson (Daddy is a Hero),

This woman’s husband is a local paramedic. He jumped into a COLD, DARK LAKE and wound up saving a baby’s life. The overall story and why this car ended up in a lake is a ridiculous tale of tragedy and pain, but this man’s actions are a glimmer of light and hope and love, because he only jumped into that water to save another life, even though it was a risk to his own. I’m proud of this young man and happy for his family that it worked out okay. I know this EMT probably thought of his own kids while reflecting on his heroics today. Great job, my friend.

The Pleasant Farm

Dear Trent & Tyson (Daddy is a Hero),

Whoa.To say the last two days have been a whirlwind would be a ginormous understatement.I don’t know how much you can understand at your ages, so in true form, I’d like to write you a letter that just might stay with you forever.And maybe someday you’ll have a better realization of what the recent events have meant for your daddy… and for you.


Here’s a nutshell, since I plan to include all the official reports in your scrapbooks for this year.Your daddy was working on the ambulance (we visited him earlier that day; you played hide-and-seek and weren’t ready to go home for naps when I was) and got a call at 5:30 the next morning, before his shift would have ended at 7.A car was seen driving into Silver Lake, and the ambulance crews and fire…

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1 Response to Dear Trent & Tyson (Daddy is a Hero),

  1. gesbes says:

    Thanks for sharing this! This man is to be admired. He did the job he’d been trained to do and, yes, the stars were aligned (as he said). But, trained or not, this man’s humility, honesty, and insistence on giving his partner credit during the press conference today were truly inspiring. So, yes sir, he is a true hero in my book.

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