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FTSF, your favorite decade was… plus a brief conversation with the 90’s

My favorite decade was… Even though I do feel like Homer quite a bit, my kids are still young enough that it’s hard for me to imagine any period of my life that doesn’t include them being my favorite. It’s … Continue reading

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I remember an old classmate, who knows why…

The brain is a funny organ. When it gets injured or otherwise goes haywire for whatever reason, people can seem trapped inside otherwise healthy bodies that aren’t responding because their brain won’t fire correctly. So many people suffering from some … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Me – a FTSF

I’m writing this on my phone because, screw you workplace computer!! It’s turning out to be a pretty glorious Friday, my friends. It started out as most any other Friday does, with me rolling groggily out of bed while cursing … Continue reading

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