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The internet is a wonderful place or thing or whatever it is, because there are millions of people always standing by, just waiting to share ideas and opinions, but the internet can also be an awful place or thing or … Continue reading

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That post last week…

Um, so remember last week this time when I was being bombarded with views to my blog because of that post I wrote that went sort of viral and stuff? Well, it did. I lost count at the 75,000 views … Continue reading

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A yeehawin’ good time and some pink sandals…

For the first time in probably close to twenty years, I went to a music concert. It’s not that I have anything against them, it’s more about not wanting to spend money or fight crowds at the facility where most … Continue reading

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I remember an old classmate, who knows why…

The brain is a funny organ. When it gets injured or otherwise goes haywire for whatever reason, people can seem trapped inside otherwise healthy bodies that aren’t responding because their brain won’t fire correctly. So many people suffering from some … Continue reading

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Don and jesus do Canada, sort of…

In January of 1993 I wasn’t quite a 20 year old boy when I visited my friend Jesus in Montreal because he asked me to. He said Montreal was a fun city and that I needed to see it to believe … Continue reading

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100 posts ‘n stuff…

Since I don’t believe that yesterday’s reblogging of Ace’s awesome photo counts as a post, this one here is numero 100. 100 posts. Wow! Many of my posts are of the long variety, generally 1000 words at least.  I apologize … Continue reading

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To blog or not to blog…

WordPress has just informed me that I now have 200 followers. As I have been unmotivated to write anything recently outside of snarky comments on the posts of bloggers I enjoy, I can only assume that the last few enjoy a … Continue reading

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Sigh, I mean yay! Leibster Award!!

This post is for my blogging cohorts and won’t make sense to the 12 of you who follow me outside of WordPress (i.e. my lovely wife who may ask at dinner tonight if these awards include any sort of monetary … Continue reading

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The miracle of 2011…

I’ve spent the better part of my adult life living like a disgusting pig. I eat like crap, I drink too much and I refuse to exert myself physically to any extent beyond occasionally mowing the yard and pleasuring the … Continue reading

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