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Fun with guns…let’s figure it out

I am whatever the opposite of political is. Apolitical? It’s not that I don’t care about what happens in the world I live in, no, I do. I get enough argument and headache at work and with trying to carry … Continue reading

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That post last week…

Um, so remember last week this time when I was being bombarded with views to my blog because of that post I wrote that went sort of viral and stuff? Well, it did. I lost count at the 75,000 views … Continue reading

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Answers to your pressing police related questions…

Wow, I’m a posting machine here lately, aren’t I? Sorry about that. Anywho, an indeterminate number of days ago, I offered to answer y’all’s (is that the correct usage, Molly?) police officer related questions, since many of you show mild … Continue reading

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The writer’s life – blog tour…

Remember when we used to pretty regularly get Liebster Awards and Sunshine Awards and Dragon Something or Other Awards and Versatile Blogger Awards and Inspiring Blogger Awards and Donofalltradesisthebiggestassholeiknow Awards and what not? Well I do. I always really sucked … Continue reading

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The tension in the air was palpable. It always is, but it’s worse when the weather is so unbearably hot and the air is thick with humidity. Twelve police officers circled around a slick suited detective in a vacant parking … Continue reading

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Finish the sentence fri, blogging goals or some such crap…

Well crap, watching all the other mother hens having such fun with FTSF has burned me to the core with jealousy, so I’m last minute posting in order to pretend I’m a respected member of the group. Just FYI, nobody … Continue reading

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Christmas lights and other crap…yeah, it’s one of my pointless posts…

I took off from work today for no particular reason. Ace had a strings recital (she takes violin in school though I’ve heard her practice it at home exactly twice in the two years she’s had it) in the cafeteria … Continue reading

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A guest post with Deliberate Donkey and the week three blogger-idol play along…

Today I’m guest posting over at Deliberate Donkey, rambling on about domestic violence from a police officer’s, well this officer’s perspective. Go check it out, Melanie is great! Also, the week three posts have pretty much all been submitted, including … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday…donofalltrades is on to week three of Blogger-Idol.

Happy Saturday! While we’re off to do family fun activities that I can only hope will lead to some great blog material, the rest of you are no doubt watching football or maybe baking since so many of you are … Continue reading

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A burglar who puts his nuts on your forehead? Yeah, vote for that one!

Well, it’s that time of the week again my friends! Time to vote for your favorite week 2 post by donofalltrades¬†right here on the Blogger-Idol site!! The assignment was to write a newspaper article detailing a fictitious crime you’ve committed. … Continue reading

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