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Finish the sentence fri, blogging goals or some such crap…

Well crap, watching all the other mother hens having such fun with FTSF has burned me to the core with jealousy, so I’m last minute posting in order to pretend I’m a respected member of the group. Just FYI, nobody … Continue reading

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Eh, it’s a late to the party post mostly about 2014 goals.

The other day, I wasted a good half an hour putting together a post that sort of summed up our Christmas break and rehashed my life in 2013. I was going through each month, sort of reliving my life through … Continue reading

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Just writing SOMETHING, oh, and maybe run another 1/2 marathon.

For the love of fuck, I just can’t seem to jump start my brain into conjuring up anything funny, creative, meaningful, stupid, or even mediocre, to write lately. I’ve scrapped numerous shitty blog posts that I’d started because if the … Continue reading

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