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Catchin’ up…for what, the third time?

I promise to make this what have I been doing/where have I been post my last! Lol. I’ve stared at this white screen for a good two hours already, insisting that I’m not turning the computer off until I’ve pulled … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle again…oh, and i ran 13.1 miles, in a row!

I hope you sang that first half of the title as per the song all twangy like and that it’s stuck in your head all day, otherwise, you did it wrong. I’ve been away from this blog for several weeks … Continue reading

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Weekend wrap up and Blogger-Idol play along for my blogging pals…

Well, this certainly sucks. By this I mean sitting at my desk on a Monday morning staring blankly out into the fog loitering outside my downtown office window.  As the office coffee bitch, I’ve dutifully brewed a pot and I’m … Continue reading

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Just writing SOMETHING, oh, and maybe run another 1/2 marathon.

For the love of fuck, I just can’t seem to jump start my brain into conjuring up anything funny, creative, meaningful, stupid, or even mediocre, to write lately. I’ve scrapped numerous shitty blog posts that I’d started because if the … Continue reading

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The week i worked out, sort of….

So, true to my word, I decided to get my fat ass back into shape by working out with weights and doing some running.  Well, maybe some jogging….walking?  I’m going to get moving for sure. In a show of force … Continue reading

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A coupla random thangs…

Memorial Day: So Memorial Day came and went and I didn’t blog about it which means I suck.  When I think of Memorial Day, I think about the greatest generation and those who fought in WWII.  No offense to our … Continue reading

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