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Last week, sort of. a stray dog, bloody nips and funny signs…

Well, since the wee gray organ inside my skull is unwilling to spew forth anything new or creative, I’m just going to rehash the week that was. That just was? Is it rehash my last week? Whatever, I’m going to … Continue reading

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Another day at the office…A near birth experience…

I was minding my own business in my police car with a 44 ounce iced tea between my legs, a handful of sunflower seeds in my mouth, one hand on the steering wheel, and the other wrapped around my seed shell spit … Continue reading

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Penises or peen or peni, whichever it is, 101…

I almost posted another riveting rundown of my past weekend, but I could almost hear the collective sighs from each and every one of you as you began reading the first paragraph, so I crammed it into the drafts folder … Continue reading

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A giant hill a sizable lake and a near death experience?…

Here’s a quickie for ya. Ha, my wife will wince when she reads that line out of habit. She’s no doubt had enough of my quickies, but that’s for another day. As you regulars will recall, last Saturday I whooped … Continue reading

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Monday funday tale of the dented garage…with pics cuz words are hard!

Oh my Lord…sitting in this chair typing a post is much more relaxing than being at that nasty gym again. One of the many, many things that sucks ass about working out is that it’s supposed to be a part … Continue reading

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Coming out and photographic proof that i’m winning at parenting…

It’s no secret, that a person unfamiliar with this here blog would notice, pretty immediately, that 94% of the people who read and comment on this garbage are women. Women be bloggin’!! While I enjoy the online company of the … Continue reading

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All mature and stuff…someday.

Hey all, it’s another Finish the Sentence Friday! Join in on the fun, if you haven’t yet. This week the sentence starter is: A funny thing happened on my way to… —————————————————————————– I used to wonder if I’d ever get there. … Continue reading

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Dads are pretty too…

Damn you, women! I was perfectly content to sit my fat ass on the couch and pound beers after the hockey game (Blues win, by the way), but you had to drag me into your thing. Some wonderful blogger moms … Continue reading

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Christmas lies just around the bend…

As per usual, I did not write a post for this Finish The Sentence Friday crowd in time to post it when it went live last night, and decided instead to kill 12 minutes at work doing it. Yay for … Continue reading

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Finish the sentence friday again. you tube clips so that’s cool, right?

Well alright, it’s another Finish The Sentence Friday and I’ve Finished Several Bud Light Limes watching the Blues play, so I’m going to participate again. You bloggers should join us sometime. I do it now, so it’s obviously pretty cool. … Continue reading

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