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A giant hill a sizable lake and a near death experience?…

Here’s a quickie for ya. Ha, my wife will wince when she reads that line out of habit. She’s no doubt had enough of my quickies, but that’s for another day. As you regulars will recall, last Saturday I whooped … Continue reading

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I once saw the biggest…another FTSF

I know, right? So many ways to take this one. I think the obvious route would be for me to tell you about the biggest Wang I’ve ever seen. Have I ever mentioned that? Jin Wang is a Chinese guy … Continue reading

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A pretty special guy…

He was was a grown man, but he was short, even compared to the teens, preteens and little kids who surrounded him as I observed what he was doing. Though he was short, he was thickly built, with muscled arms … Continue reading

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Alienating mommy followers…oh wait, a guest post too!

I enjoy all the moms I’ve “met” in blog land.¬† I really do. I like to tease, but I know it’s not easy to be a mom,¬†especially a stay at home mom.¬† I mean, those Baby Einstein dvd’s don’t just … Continue reading

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