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Nice things and making hookers cry…wtf ever for FTSF…

The nicest thing someone ever did for me was… Haha, I’m going to totally admit that my mind went straight back to when I was 14 and that nice 15 1/2 year old girl had the sex with me. I … Continue reading

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To the woman behind me in Walmart…

Dear woman behind me in Walmart yesterday, You taught my sons a lesson. I thought and prayed on our encounter, and felt moved by the spirit to write, in the hopes that you will see this. It was maybe fate … Continue reading

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A pretty special guy…

He was was a grown man, but he was short, even compared to the teens, preteens and little kids who surrounded him as I observed what he was doing. Though he was short, he was thickly built, with muscled arms … Continue reading

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