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Here’s your baby….good luck!

It’s funny what the brain remembers, especially as we get older.  I often struggle to remember why I walked into a room or where I put my keys, but there are still some memories from years ago that I can visualize … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving…Where’s the Tylenol?

The Thanksgiving week post was delayed by the day after hangover… In spite of my words and actions and oftentimes my thoughts, I really do love my extended family and friends and mostly enjoy having them over to the house, … Continue reading

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Bend over so we can put these tubes in your son’s ears…

So on Friday, Baby Gage had to get tubes put in his ears. It’s always a semi-worrisome situation when your toddler is put under anesthesia, but in the great scheme of things, we’re aware that getting tubes put in the … Continue reading

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Hunting…uh, yeah.

November is the opening of rifle season or something like that here in Missouri. As such, several of my friends have already bagged their trophy buck, or the first tiny deer they saw at least, and posted pictures of their … Continue reading

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Yes, I suffer from CDO because OCD doesn’t make sense…

I truly believe that most of us are a single traumatic life event from turning certifiably crazy.  Had one of my parents died unexpectedly, or were I robbed at gunpoint in high school near the Berthold Ave. KFC, or had I woke up … Continue reading

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