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Useful stuff you need to know to be a grown up…

With school funding being cut and parents becoming bigger douchebags about accepting the fact that their little Jimmy or Suzy is a fucking idiot and didn’t even deserve the C they got, let alone the A that mom and dad … Continue reading

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A time i met a really nice, semi-famous guy …

Back in 2004, when the Democrats were desperately trying to topple that evil genius, President George W. Bush, Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry, he of marrying rich ketchup lady fame,  was in St. Louis as part of some silly train ride … Continue reading

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Customer service, i miss you dearly…

Back when there were mom and pop stores run by families who depended on customers returning to stay in business, good customer service was a real thing. When there were choices as to where to spend your money, businesses competed … Continue reading

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The big v…and I don’t mean vegas.

Warning – this is not a well thought out post so it’ll probably suck and I may talk about my pubes. I’m definitely going to mention my balls though, so stop now if that makes you squeamish. —————————————– I’m not … Continue reading

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Stan the man…one of the good guys.

In a city where baseball is king, and baseball tradition runs deep, there is no greater baseball legend than Stan Musial.  That’s saying a lot in a city where Bob Gibson, Lou Brock and so many other great players played … Continue reading

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Backwash, it’s what’s for breakfast?

In another life, I was a patrol officer in an urban area.  I did it for about six years and haven’t done it regularly since 2003 or four. Even though the story like the one below is very pedestrian to … Continue reading

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Drunk driving, lawn darts and other fun stuff my kids won’t enjoy.

While stopping at the liquor store on my way home from work a couple of weeks ago, my three year old asked if he could stay in the car and continue listening to his beloved Laurie Berkner Band songs (not as … Continue reading

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Thank god we didn’t eat at Hooters!

One thing I’ve learned over the years bumbling my way through parenting is that these little bastards are watching you, even when you don’t think they are. They soak up their environments and, if you’re lucky, throw it back in … Continue reading

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The night grandma was a dick…(please please please don’t tell grandma i said that!)

You know what’s not funny? Getting a lottery scratch off ticket as a gift and believing you’ve won “Mountains of Cash”, only to find out that you’ve just  been made to look like a gullible jackass in front of your family … Continue reading

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Drinking. yeah, I do that sometimes…

A few years back, well, I guess it’d have to be five years or so since Ace was in preschool, Grandpa Dutty (dad) and I went to do some Christmas shopping a couple of days before Christmas.  Because he was … Continue reading

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