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Gman’s zero fucks, camping and other nothings for you…

Hot damn, exactly one month between postings. That’s not too shabby. I know all of you are just dying to know what’s up in my world, so let’s get to it. We camped. As a family. The whole fucking family. … Continue reading

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Rockin’ arcade fun and a bumper sticker for your penis?

It’s a miserable, cold Friday morning. I decided to drink beer and watch the end of the Blues thrashing of the Islanders last night instead of writing a Finish the Sentence Friday post. In my defense, the Uverse internet connection … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle again…oh, and i ran 13.1 miles, in a row!

I hope you sang that first half of the title as per the song all twangy like and that it’s stuck in your head all day, otherwise, you did it wrong. I’ve been away from this blog for several weeks … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt, Fandom: St. Louis Cardinals

Daily Prompt: Fandom by michelle w. on July 11, 2013 Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not. ————————————————————————————– I am a fan of sports. True fandom doesn’t come from buying a jersey … Continue reading

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Summatime and stuff…

Happy Birthday, ‘Merika! You’re fucked up in a lot of ways, but still one helluva great pal to me.  I’d not trade you for any other country.  Well, maybe Italy or someplace tropical?  I’d not trade you for MOST other … Continue reading

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Striking out officer don; me thinks not…

When I was a young police officer, I was once touched to see one of my fellow police officers in the projects buying ice cream from the ice cream truck for any kid who wanted one. That officer was short, … Continue reading

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Stan the man…one of the good guys.

In a city where baseball is king, and baseball tradition runs deep, there is no greater baseball legend than Stan Musial.  That’s saying a lot in a city where Bob Gibson, Lou Brock and so many other great players played … Continue reading

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