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It’s hard to believe that almost exactly 11 years from when most of you will read this, I was in a room with my family pounding cans of Natural Light from a cooler my brother had brought for me. He … Continue reading

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Penises or peen or peni, whichever it is, 101…

I almost posted another riveting rundown of my past weekend, but I could almost hear the collective sighs from each and every one of you as you began reading the first paragraph, so I crammed it into the drafts folder … Continue reading

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A giant hill a sizable lake and a near death experience?…

Here’s a quickie for ya. Ha, my wife will wince when she reads that line out of habit. She’s no doubt had enough of my quickies, but that’s for another day. As you regulars will recall, last Saturday I whooped … Continue reading

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The writer’s life – blog tour…

Remember when we used to pretty regularly get Liebster Awards and Sunshine Awards and Dragon Something or Other Awards and Versatile Blogger Awards and Inspiring Blogger Awards and Donofalltradesisthebiggestassholeiknow Awards and what not? Well I do. I always really sucked … Continue reading

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A yeehawin’ good time and some pink sandals…

For the first time in probably close to twenty years, I went to a music concert. It’s not that I have anything against them, it’s more about not wanting to spend money or fight crowds at the facility where most … Continue reading

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Hot pics and a potential Q & A with officer don…

It’s been hot as fuck around these parts lately. Gman’s been hot. Cool’s been hot. And yours truly has been hot. I hadn’t even left the parking lot at work when I started sweating like the proverbial whore on nickel … Continue reading

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Random stuff as it comes to me brain…

Oh my goodness, let’s write a post! I’m so excited about all the great blog posts I’ve been reading that I want to take part, unfortunately, I ain’t got shit to say that makes sense to anyone about anything important, … Continue reading

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Catchin’ up…for what, the third time?

I promise to make this what have I been doing/where have I been post my last! Lol. I’ve stared at this white screen for a good two hours already, insisting that I’m not turning the computer off until I’ve pulled … Continue reading

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All mature and stuff…someday.

Hey all, it’s another Finish the Sentence Friday! Join in on the fun, if you haven’t yet. This week the sentence starter is: A funny thing happened on my way to… —————————————————————————– I used to wonder if I’d ever get there. … Continue reading

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Siri was a cat before she was a bitch inside your iPhone and I’ll soon be rich…

For reasons I’ve never pestered my parents about, I left my perfectly fine public school from second through fifth grade to attend a Catholic school. I went back to the public school to finish up my grade school learnin’ in … Continue reading

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