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A burglar who puts his nuts on your forehead? Yeah, vote for that one!

Well, it’s that time of the week again my friends! Time to vote for your favorite week 2 post by donofalltrades right here on the Blogger-Idol site!! The assignment was to write a newspaper article detailing a fictitious crime you’ve committed. … Continue reading

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Weekend wrap up and Blogger-Idol play along for my blogging pals…

Well, this certainly sucks. By this I mean sitting at my desk on a Monday morning staring blankly out into the fog loitering outside my downtown office window.  As the office coffee bitch, I’ve dutifully brewed a pot and I’m … Continue reading

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Some cool stuff…

I started blogging last November because my wife said I should share my BS with the world and because Facebook comments weren’t the best forum for my, uh, witty, uh, yeah, witty remarks.  I was getting friend requests from strangers … Continue reading

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More fried chicken palace adventures and ANOTHER blog win!!…

One of my favoritest people in the blogging world, Molly, (seriously, she comes from circus stock!  Go read her stuff, she’s fantastic.) , reminded me of this old post wherein I regaled readers with stories from the fried chicken palace. For … Continue reading

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That time i was freshly pressed and a prize i won…

Remember the time that my one post was Freshly Pressed? OMG!! Yeah, me neither…. Several of my favorite bloggers have recently been though, so I feel like a success by association. Congrats to all of you!!  I like to believe … Continue reading

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