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A guest post with Deliberate Donkey and the week three blogger-idol play along…

Today I’m guest posting over at Deliberate Donkey, rambling on about domestic violence from a police officer’s, well this officer’s perspective. Go check it out, Melanie is great! Also, the week three posts have pretty much all been submitted, including … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday…donofalltrades is on to week three of Blogger-Idol.

Happy Saturday! While we’re off to do family fun activities that I can only hope will lead to some great blog material, the rest of you are no doubt watching football or maybe baking since so many of you are … Continue reading

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A burglar who puts his nuts on your forehead? Yeah, vote for that one!

Well, it’s that time of the week again my friends! Time to vote for your favorite week 2 post by donofalltrades right here on the Blogger-Idol site!! The assignment was to write a newspaper article detailing a fictitious crime you’ve committed. … Continue reading

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Blogger Idol continues, an update…

Sorry I’ve been MIA a little bit, but I got myself into that whole Blogger-Idol thing and, along with real life adventures, it’s fairly time consuming *casts angry glare at Arden. I appreciate all your help in getting me through … Continue reading

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Weekend wrap up and Blogger-Idol play along for my blogging pals…

Well, this certainly sucks. By this I mean sitting at my desk on a Monday morning staring blankly out into the fog loitering outside my downtown office window.  As the office coffee bitch, I’ve dutifully brewed a pot and I’m … Continue reading

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Some cool stuff…

I started blogging last November because my wife said I should share my BS with the world and because Facebook comments weren’t the best forum for my, uh, witty, uh, yeah, witty remarks.  I was getting friend requests from strangers … Continue reading

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