Weekend wrap up and Blogger-Idol play along for my blogging pals…

Well, this certainly sucks.

By this I mean sitting at my desk on a Monday morning staring blankly out into the fog loitering outside my downtown office window.  As the office coffee bitch, I’ve dutifully brewed a pot and I’m anxiously awaiting the 57 people who will come into the office (i.e. the break room/library) to get coffee and ask me about my weekend since the coffee pot is situated right here to my left .  See, here it is.  It stays next to the microwave and together they mock me for my poor life decisions which they attribute to my working in a break room for a City agency. I’m also fairly certain that the microwave is giving me cancer and making me sterile about three years too late to be a positive thing.

Yup.  It's a coffee pot.

Yup. It’s a coffee pot.

Ok, so 57 people is maybe a stretch, and I do actually like the people who will come get some coffee , so it’s not that bad really.  Sometimes I even enjoy the company. Still, my weekend is generally wrapped up with a Monday blog, so don’t ask me how it was until you’ve read the blog people!

So anyway, we did manage to escape this weekend without anyone tossing my wallet out the car window which is something that you really take for granted until it happens.  If you didn’t have your wallet tossed out onto an interstate this weekend, be thankful.  Trust me.

We did have to endure 32 soccer games between Ace and Cool though. Well, Cool had one and Ace had four so I guess that’s five and not really 32.  I exaggerate sometimes.  Sadly, Ace’s team lost all four of their games, two of which required us to drive about 80 miles to and from the fields to play.  That sort of sucks.  Ace could really give two shits about winning or losing a soccer game, so it’s more frustrating for me than her by a long shot.  I think she’s getting to the point where she’d rather make starburst bracelets than play soccer and that makes me sad. I have no clue what a starburst bracelet is, but she spends a lot of time with some loom device and her youtube tutorials learning how to make these things.  As long as she’s happy and still getting her straight A’s, whatever.

Cool and his gang, or teammates I guess, managed to win their little preschool level soccer game pretty handily.  I’m not saying it’s due to excellent coaching, but their coach is excellent, and very handsome.  It doesn’t hurt that one little boy is particularly adept at dribbling and may have scored seven of the ten goals the team scored.  I feel bad that we were trouncing the other team, because we were trounced last week and it’s no fun.  Still, I guess these kids need to learn to lose at some point in their lives, right?  I can’t take the really good kid off the field just because he’s so good.  He’s the same age and his parents paid the same money for him to play, so why punish him for being a good little player?  The others will catch up in due time, they always do.

Speaking of that handsome coach, here he is pondering something important.


That’s my pondering face…

He’s probably pondering what to have for lunch or whether or not he should drink beers the night before he has to run 10 miles on a Saturday.  Do you notice that he finally broke down and bought himself some reading glasses?  This is the first ever picture of him with glasses on!  He doesn’t know for sure if he needs them, but they seem to help sometimes. Oh, and I ended up having a huge steak for lunch and yes, did drink beers the night before my run on Saturday. It was a terrible idea (the beer, not the steak).

Here’s the only proof I can offer as to the fact that I really did run ten miles on Saturday. Apparently, it’s hard for people to believe that my fat ass can do such a thing.  I have a bunch of cynical fucktards for friends (and family), obviously. I didn’t run it fast by any stretch and it sucked balls, but at least I ate that entire large pizza by myself Saturday night guilt free!

See, I've been running!

See, I’ve been running!

So anyway, the point of this post was to point my fellow bloggers interested in the Blogger-Idol contest to this link so that you can play along, if you’d like.  I submitted my first post and can’t decide if it will get me kicked out right away or not.  I won’t be surprised to be out by Friday or win this thing, that’s how confused I am by the whole ordeal.  It has been fun for me though.  The other 12 playas, as well as the hostess, are all really fun, so that helps.

Here’s a link to the first “assignment” should you wish to give it a go. I recommend it! Write something that you wouldn’t otherwise write and get a little blog exposure at the same time.  Win win.

Happy Monday!

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51 Responses to Weekend wrap up and Blogger-Idol play along for my blogging pals…

  1. The Cutter says:

    Belated congrats on being selected!

  2. Holy crap.
    Look at GQ.

    My votes on you just for the uniform.

    But seriously, did you lose a whole man?
    Looking great dude!

  3. dentaleggs says:


  4. Christina says:

    Are you usually constipated when you’re pondering? I do so appreciate your humor and congratulations on the ten miles : )

  5. tric says:

    Love the glasses. At last I succumbed too, but only wear them in bed reading when no one can see me,(except the man asleep beside me) and still can’t cope with looking at them on my locker! With the kids I say, “Oh read me that I’m very busy”, which is code for “can’t see anything at all written on that page”. I am always amazed when they pick it up and read it.
    Might write that eulogy, It could come in handy someday and I wouldn’t fancy leaving it up to others to try to find words to describe my amazing qualities.
    Best of luck. I’ll enjoy reading whatever rubbish you enter.
    Oh and I hear there is a really good looking swim coach over here. Our teams are so lucky!

  6. Mental Mama says:

    At least your weekend didn’t involve purchasing a compression garment that covers delicate bits. And yes, you are rather handsome. 🙂

  7. I would write the eulogy, but then my wife would just copy and paste when the time comes, and that’s not right. She should have to do a little work for the insurance money.

  8. Carrie Rubin says:

    Running 10 miles. Being a finalist in Blogger Idol. Having a straight-A student. AND looking spiffy in reading glasses. The world is smiling your way! Now don’t blow it… 😉

  9. Susan Murphy says:

    Don, you look very handsome in your glasses!

  10. i can’t believe how much you’re running. that’s amazing!!! and i too, am amused by your ‘things that make you go hmmmm’ pondering face. as for idol… every week is a ride. buckle up.

    • Lol, well we’ll have to see if this week’s post doesn’t get me eliminated pretty quickly. I was going to scrap it and write something that I thought was more inline with what was asked, but then I decided, no, I’m submitting what I would put on my own silly blog, so there!! Are you still running quite a bit too? It’s a good escape from the kids, but 10 miles is a bit much! At least it was Saturday.

  11. Katie says:

    My legs are tired just from seeing you run that many miles.

  12. I laughed out loud at “… so don’t ask me how it was until you’ve read the blog people!”

    At work today, people keep exclaiming over and asking about my ankle splint thingy that I need to wear for a month or more. I’ve just been shaking my head, saying “You people should be reading my blog.” Then I walk away. I’m being so rude! HA!

    Great job on the running. I’m clicking over to do the required reading now.

    • It’s like when people who have access to Google ask you questions that can be answered by well, Googling them yourselves! Why am I writing this blog? In part to not have to talk to people I know in person.

  13. ksujulie says:

    Hmmm…writing my own eulogy…that sounds kinda fun.
    Glasses are cute!
    And I’m glad I’m not the only one that porks out after running!!!

  14. I like the glasses! Can’t wait to read all your entries.

  15. Blogdramedy says:

    You really do cover all trades. Now you’re a blog pimp. Love it! Can’t wait to see if you go with a white fedora with peacock feathers or a purple boa with your white suit.

  16. Oh snap. You’re a Jedi blogger and color me impressed with your long run! A well deserved pizza indeed. I also like the glasses and feel it is yet one more thing we have in common – along with our sorry livers.

  17. 1jaded1 says:

    Congrats on finishing the run…doubly so for having steak and need the night before.

  18. Oh, the blog pimpery.

    Funny story, you and I are the only two pingbacks on the play-from-home / link-up thing. Oh, the pimpery.

    Can’t wait to read your post–and the others. Will be fun to see which directions we all went. Like you, mine’s less of a eulogy, per se, and an attempt at humor. I’ve gone back and forth between “I think it might be ok” and “what the fuck was I thinking?!” about a millionty times since I submitted it.

  19. I might just check it out – since I can’t sing. 🙂

  20. findingninee says:

    I like the glasses. They make you look smarter than the guy who could be driving along and have his 2-year old throw his wallet out the window and never even miss it being gone. Who would have looked for it FOR DAYS, had his wife not been driving along behind…
    And also. Sorry but what the everlasting fuck. So the blog idol follow along thing is a blog hop? Like I’m supposed to write a eulogy and link up? What would that get me? Where can I just lazily vote for your ass since I know you’ll take the contest anyway and want to be aboard the winning jet thing when you get to invite your favorite friends?

  21. This post cracked me up! From “the microwave is giving me cancer and making me sterile about three years too late to be a positive thing,” to the handsome coach (nice specs) and the “sometimes I exaggerate” bit. Well done, Office Coffee Bitch!

  22. mistyslaws says:

    You look very respectable in your new glasses.

    Now go make me some coffee, bitch! 😉

  23. Dude… seriously, why didn’t I have that pic for the calendar?!?!??!? 🙂

  24. Your boss lets you blog first then get down to the nitty details of work?? WOW! I would have stayed working if my boss was that great. As for running up the score, we used to stick them in goal if they scored. Sometimes that would stop the onslaught. Dang, that was my old self, PE teacher and coach rearing it’s ugly head. 🙂

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