Part one of the contest!


Hey, at noon today I’ll need your votes, please, for the Blogger Idol contest.  In the meantime, please check out one of my favorite bloggers, Kristi from Finding Ninee.

She’s allowed me to hang out in her land here today at:

Whoop! Read her stuff, she’s really awesome!

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13 Responses to Part one of the contest!

  1. Jolene says:

    hmmm….what do we get for voting for you?? 🙂

    • Hmmmm. How often will you vote I guess is the question.

      • Jolene says:

        I can vote ALL day …hahaha…..but Don I need the link to where I can vote. Is it like American Idol where you can only vote a few times……do I need to come up with a couple different emails when I submit my vote? You WILL be our Blogger Idol!! from Mr.November to Blogger Idol….it’s skies the limit!! ……….. talk show??

      • Lol, it’s one vote per IRL i believe. Whatever an irl is. Maybe it was url? IDK! Thank you though, Jolene!

  2. uh yesss…I cant find it either george clooney.

  3. Where and how do we vote?

  4. Voting starts at noon so I’ve scheduled a link to post on my blog (hopefully) at 11:59 central time. Assuming I haven’t screwed it up, the link should take you right to the voting site. No need to read the post though, as I’m sure it sucks compared to the others. Lol. Thanks in advance, everyone!!

  5. You’ve won my vote. I’m new to your blog, but your post chez Kristi was enough to convince me. It completely rocked. SO glad you’re part of Our Land 🙂

  6. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    Consider this your warning!!! YOUVE BEEN VOTED FOR!

  7. findingninee says:

    And thanks for the pimping. Prob should have given a hubs riding a trike photo so your readers would like me?? Kidding. SOOO FUCKING GLAD you gave me Our Land. Thanks, you. Going to try to figure out this voting shit now.

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