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Some helpful new year’s resolutions to make you less of a douche…

Last post this year, I promise! I’ve long stopped kidding myself  into believing that I have the wherewithal to stick to resolutions made in good faith at the beginning of each new year.  Certainly were I able to do so, I’d … Continue reading

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One man’s trash…

We were surprisingly lucky to sell our old South City house a couple of years back with minimal fuss and for right about what we asked for it.  The same day it went online through a realtor, we had a buyer.  … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas underprivileged upper-middle or lower upper class family!

Christmas is the time for giving!  From time to time, I like to throw my pocket change (not quarters though!) into the bucket of the Salvation Army bell ringer and scoff at those who walk by giving nothing as though … Continue reading

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Jane from Omaha, your lasagna sucks and you’re an unhelpful dumbass!

As I am the bitch of the house, cooking is one of my duties. I don’t mind doing it, but I suck at not following a recipe. I like the explicit ingredient list followed by the comforting instructions that I … Continue reading

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a poem about the Connecticut tragedy.

I’m not a poet or fancy writer or anything, but writing makes me feel better.  Everytime I started to write my thoughts about this Connecticut tragedy, it went all over the place and didn’t seem like something I could do … Continue reading

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We’ll shelve this elf yet…

In a somewhat fitting aside to yesterday’s blogged about nonsense, Ace went and lost a tooth at school.  In addition to her unwavering faith in Santa Claus, she still expects the tooth fairy to leave some jack under her pillow … Continue reading

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Christmas…we’re sorry jesus.

Christmas used to be a kickass time of the year to me.  All year long I was mostly well behaved enough that I knew Santa was going to come and leave me some booty under the tree. I was always good enough … Continue reading

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The Original Admiral…i barely knew thee…

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, 2012. Aside from contemplating its historical significance, Pearl Harbor Day reminds me of two things, (1) that it’s my wife’s birthday and (2) of the wife’s, no, of our Grandpa Bud. I’m not really sure … Continue reading

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Honkey Bus

On days when I have nothing going on after work, like more work, I try to get up early and take the Metro Bus to and from downtown.  The 410 Eureka Express is my ride, and it requires only that I … Continue reading

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