a poem about the Connecticut tragedy.

I’m not a poet or fancy writer or anything, but writing makes me feel better.  Everytime I started to write my thoughts about this Connecticut tragedy, it went all over the place and didn’t seem like something I could do justice to.

Instead, I tried my hand at a poem that sort of has my thoughts in it.


Your presents still wait there under our tree

The ones you were so excited to see.

It breaks my heart to see them now

And to know after Christmas that’s still where they’ll be.


Your teacher died too, with you in her arms

She wanted so badly to keep you from harm.

She didn’t have to do that, she could have run

But she cared for you and your friends and ignored her alarm.


Had our tragedy been cancer we’d be crushed for sure,

But at least with cancer there’s some time and hope for a cure.

You were taken so violent, so sudden and fast.

There was never a hint at this pain I endure.


Your little brother is asking when you’ll come through the door

God he doesn’t know yet that he’ll play with you no more.

He wants you to see where the elf is right now.

He’s in your brother’s room under the bed on the floor.


This family is broken and will never be the same.

My stomach feels so heavy, my heart beats so lame.

How a person could look into your sweet little eyes

and shoot you in cold blood is a mystery, a shame.


We’ll never forget you, we couldn’t if we tried.

Your memory will strengthen me and you’ll be my guide,

Through a life that’s emptier but has to be lived,

Because that’s what you’d want and for you, I’ll abide.

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2 Responses to a poem about the Connecticut tragedy.

  1. zinkster says:

    Well, I think you sell yourself short by prefacing this poem by saying you are not a poet! I think this is written beautifully…especially since it is from the heart. You may have captured many others’ emotions, fears, heartache, etc. in what you wrote here. Thank you for sharing this…

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