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A pretty special guy…

He was was a grown man, but he was short, even compared to the teens, preteens and little kids who surrounded him as I observed what he was doing. Though he was short, he was thickly built, with muscled arms … Continue reading

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Christmas lights and other crap…yeah, it’s one of my pointless posts…

I took off from work today for no particular reason. Ace had a strings recital (she takes violin in school though I’ve heard her practice it at home exactly twice in the two years she’s had it) in the cafeteria … Continue reading

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Christmas lies just around the bend…

As per usual, I did not write a post for this Finish The Sentence Friday crowd in time to post it when it went live last night, and decided instead to kill 12 minutes at work doing it. Yay for … Continue reading

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G$ has a little fetish…N

What a glorious day to be alive. I nearly spilled coffee all over my shirt because a woman ran down the hallway frantically repeating that shots had been fired in the lobby of our six floor building. My “office” (it’s … Continue reading

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Thank you, hose draggers of st. louis…

Here’s a pretty cool thing. So most of you people reading this blog know that one of the trades in the Donofalltrades arsenal is that of police officer. Here I am below playing all nice with a little white boy … Continue reading

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Rockin’ arcade fun and a bumper sticker for your penis?

It’s a miserable, cold Friday morning. I decided to drink beer and watch the end of the Blues thrashing of the Islanders last night instead of writing a Finish the Sentence Friday post. In my defense, the Uverse internet connection … Continue reading

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Summers in St. Louis can be oppressively hot. Even under the best of conditions, such as while wearing a loose t-shirt, shorts and flip flops, the humidity still clings to you like a thick fog you can’t see, but it’s … Continue reading

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The buddhists are ruining christmas for christians…

I have no desire to criticize my daughter’s orthodontist because he’s my wife’s cousin and he put my daughter in a set of braces for a price that can’t be beat. Her teeth were all over the place when he … Continue reading

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