Thank you, hose draggers of st. louis…

Here’s a pretty cool thing.

So most of you people reading this blog know that one of the trades in the Donofalltrades arsenal is that of police officer. Here I am below playing all nice with a little white boy in spite of my awful hair cut.

See, I really do carry a gun. Scary, right?

See, I really do carry a gun. Scary, right?

That’s what I get paid so handsomely to do for a living (is there an eye roll keystroke somewhere?). Ha, I just said stroke!

Geez, anyway, one of the responsibilities of a good police officer is to heckle fire fighters, or hose draggers, as we like to call them. I mean come on fellas, you point the hose at the fire and let the water do all the work, right? It’s like pissing on the urinal cake for God’s sake. Not to mention all the naps. Oh the napping!!

Of course, all of the heckling is in good fun as I respect and love my many firefighting friends. My godfather and uncle is a commander over there at the fire department, and my grandpa was a fire fighter as well, as I told you in this post here.

Grandpa died in his fifties and has been dead for thirty years now.

Grandma, however, is still very much alive and kicking. This is the same grandma who was a dick one night for pulling a terrible prank on her once favorite grandson.

Aside from that one night, however, she’s a wonderful woman and fiercely loyal. If you speak ill of her Cardinals, Jim Edmonds, Matt Holliday, any of her sons or grandsons, fire fighters or police officers, she gets pretty pissy quickly. She doesn’t want to hear it, basically.

She takes great pride in an accomplishment or acknowledgement of her family members, that’s why it was very cool when the fire department had a ceremony for the newest recruit class this past Monday and named the class after her husband, my grandpa.

Unfortunately, I was with a sick Ace and couldn’t go, but grandma was driving everybody nuts making sure people knew about it or had pictures of grandpa she could use at the ceremony. The more aggravating she is about such things, the more excited she is, and I love me an excited grandma, it’s good for her.

Proud, proud grandma!

Proud, proud grandma!

Kudos to you, hose draggers, for making an old woman happy. You’re okay sometimes.

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25 Responses to Thank you, hose draggers of st. louis…

  1. markbialczak says:

    Nice, Don. Grandma deserved to be fired up about this honor.

  2. Abby says:

    Your grandma reminds me of mine-96 years old and she will outlive us all. G-D forbid we ever mention my grandfathers name (he has been gone for over 10 years) and thats a conversation that never ends! She was born and raised in brooklyn and will outlive us all I belive!!!
    Congrats to the family!

    • Exactly! My grandma shows zero signs of slowing down at all. A near 100 year old Brooklyn woman has to be pretty interesting. Get her a blog or let her post on yours a time or two at least!

      • Abby says:

        lol yeah right-at this point she only yells at me-she does not approve of my lifestyle-having kids unmarried oy vey…i cant argue because I havent been alive since creation,,,lol

  3. Laura Lynn says:

    What a great picture! She looks like a real lady.

  4. tric says:

    What an honour. You came from good stock. ( I’ve been hanging out with a lot of farmers these days!)

  5. rossmurray1 says:

    Proud moment. And I somehow knew that your grandmother would be wearing gloves.

  6. The Hook says:

    You’re all heroes in my book, buddy.
    And by the way, Grandma rules!

  7. Two thumbs up for grandma. She raised a good family.

  8. Awww, she is adorable! Love how happy she is! Everyone needs a grandma just like her! :)-Ashley

  9. mistyslaws says:

    Congrats, DOAT fam, for the posthumous recognition. That is one proud grandma, indeed.

    Hose draggers? Nice. How about Hose Grabbers? Hose Holders? Jerkin the Gerkin? Oh wait, no. That’s something different. Sorry.

  10. rynolexson says:

    She is a cutie…I’m a sucker for old people. Actually Don, that’s is why I am a fan of you!

    Glad that Grandma got share in such a great honorable event. Shes Adorbs! 🙂

  11. bethteliho says:

    Love me a hose dragger, I gotta say. Even MORE now that I know they made your Grandma all happy. So sweet.
    (You said stroke…ha!)

  12. Awww! That is wonderful! What a great memory for your grandma. 🙂

  13. PinotNinja says:

    Glad to see the hose beasts could tear themselves away from their napping and cooking to do something incredibly nice and well-deserved for the DOAT clan!

  14. lrconsiderer says:

    Sooo…what? You decided that gun-totin’ was better than hose-dragging? Or you just don’t like naps?

    Very cool though, and it sounds like a worthy recognition 🙂

    (My Grandaddy was a fireman too…)

  15. I didn’t know there was heckling of fire fighters going on! That’s funny. Learn something new everyday. Cute grandma! 🙂

  16. findingninee says:

    Um, what the fk was that haircut you were sporting? Like a faux hawk? Not your hottest look. Anyway. awesome to your grandma! Firefighters are hot. Oh. Wait, I mean cops and firefighters are hot, sometimes.
    Seriously though, your grandma looks awesome.

  17. Grandma’s wouldn’t be proper grandma’s if they didn’t annoy us out of pride for their pride over something. Quite a fabulous honor and so cool Grandma got to go and be present. She’s gotta be one cool lady – I mean, look at the fur collar of her coat. Hello!

  18. Maggie O'C says:

    Your grandmother is beautiful and she’s what in the 84 range? Holy crikey! She looks fabulous.
    You people are good people.

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