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It’s hard to believe that almost exactly 11 years from when most of you will read this, I was in a room with my family pounding cans of Natural Light from a cooler my brother had brought for me. He … Continue reading

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Monday funday tale of the dented garage…with pics cuz words are hard!

Oh my Lord…sitting in this chair typing a post is much more relaxing than being at that nasty gym again. One of the many, many things that sucks ass about working out is that it’s supposed to be a part … Continue reading

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Pet parent? uhhh, no…

The remote had somehow made its way to the unoccupied couch across the room. I was trapped in a reclined position on the other comfy leather couch under a warm blanket and my bargain bin Toshiba laptop, way too comfortable … Continue reading

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Christmas lies just around the bend…

As per usual, I did not write a post for this Finish The Sentence Friday crowd in time to post it when it went live last night, and decided instead to kill 12 minutes at work doing it. Yay for … Continue reading

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Jane from Omaha, your lasagna sucks and you’re an unhelpful dumbass…

I should start a retread Monday tradition as this is another old one.  Well, if 6 months is old.  Apparently, it was before I knew what a tag was or had and followers. —————————– As I am the bitch of … Continue reading

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Random recent stuff…

Greetings, I feel like whipping out a post right quick, but since I ain’t got nothin’ to say particular, I’ll just ramble on about a couple of things. Firstly, thanks to you, whichever heifer was in the bathroom at work … Continue reading

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Reality cooking…good tv?

I had such a wonderful time reminiscing about my experience as a near Chopped champion yesterday, that I’ve still got food and cooking shows on my brain.  Let’s clear it out with another post concerning cooking, even if it’s sort … Continue reading

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Saturday fun…for real!

The donofalltrades clan spent another Saturday together enjoying (for the most part) each other’s company.  This time we hit Six Flags St. Louis. We live close enough to the park that we thought we’d try season passes this year.  It was a … Continue reading

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I enjoy pretending that I’m more intelligent than I really am. One thing I notice about people I assume are intelligent is that they like to talk about current events, particularly politics and what not. So when I fired up … Continue reading

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