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Last week, sort of. a stray dog, bloody nips and funny signs…

Well, since the wee gray organ inside my skull is unwilling to spew forth anything new or creative, I’m just going to rehash the week that was. That just was? Is it rehash my last week? Whatever, I’m going to … Continue reading

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The tension in the air was palpable. It always is, but it’s worse when the weather is so unbearably hot and the air is thick with humidity. Twelve police officers circled around a slick suited detective in a vacant parking … Continue reading

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Pet parent? uhhh, no…

The remote had somehow made its way to the unoccupied couch across the room. I was trapped in a reclined position on the other comfy leather couch under a warm blanket and my bargain bin Toshiba laptop, way too comfortable … Continue reading

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Through the eyes of the puppy, Carly…

Carly doesn’t get much love around here so the Daily Prompt for the day was the perfect time to write a pretty stupid post about a pretty stupid dog.  Well, she’s stupid like a fox, I guess. ————————————————– “Woof! Woof!!!” C’mon … Continue reading

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Random recent stuff…

Greetings, I feel like whipping out a post right quick, but since I ain’t got nothin’ to say particular, I’ll just ramble on about a couple of things. Firstly, thanks to you, whichever heifer was in the bathroom at work … Continue reading

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Go dog go! why babies are oodles better than doodles.

I enjoy reading posts written by many different types of bloggers. Many of my favorites are parents who are trying, mostly half-assed, to raise kids like my wife and me.  Some are written by people who enjoy traveling to places … Continue reading

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