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If i could go back in time…

I’d go back to lunch this afternoon and order a salad instead of that half fried chicken and giant plate of french fries I scarfed down. Holy crap, I can’t move! Hahaha, no, I’m kidding. I had that for lunch … Continue reading

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New parents…WTF?

This is a post from when literally three people read my blog. I’m reposting it because new followers won’t know it’s recycled garbage and because I can. Fuck, ignore that last sentence new followers. It’s funny what the brain remembers, … Continue reading

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Go dog go! why babies are oodles better than doodles.

I enjoy reading posts written by many different types of bloggers. Many of my favorites are parents who are trying, mostly half-assed, to raise kids like my wife and me. ┬áSome are written by people who enjoy traveling to places … Continue reading

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This one’s for Ace!!

So it’s dawned on me recently that much of this blog’s content involving my kids revolves around the boys. If you’ve only just begun following, you may be unaware that I have a daughter as well. I call her Ace … Continue reading

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Is this what old timers talk about at McDonalds at 6am?

I just got off the phone with a buddy of mine. We went to college together and suffered through biology labs and hangovers at each others’ side for four years. We thought back then, when we still had some ambition, … Continue reading

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