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Happy Birthday Me – a FTSF

I’m writing this on my phone because, screw you workplace computer!! It’s turning out to be a pretty glorious Friday, my friends. It started out as most any other Friday does, with me rolling groggily out of bed while cursing … Continue reading

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Guest post – meet the wife!

I had some beers tonight, so I don’t know what this post is. I know in my heart that I shouldn’t drink and blog, but there’s nothing on TV and the laptop is working properly for a change. When I … Continue reading

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Is this what old timers talk about at McDonalds at 6am?

I just got off the phone with a buddy of mine. We went to college together and suffered through biology labs and hangovers at each others’ side for four years. We thought back then, when we still had some ambition, … Continue reading

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F f f f forty…

Well, let’s just cut right to the chase. I made it to forty. I am a forty year old man. This is how it feels at times… I hope you get shit stains on your shoe, jerk! I know it’s … Continue reading

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