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New parents…WTF?

This is a post from when literally three people read my blog. I’m reposting it because new followers won’t know it’s recycled garbage and because I can. Fuck, ignore that last sentence new followers. It’s funny what the brain remembers, … Continue reading

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Guest post – meet the wife!

I had some beers tonight, so I don’t know what this post is. I know in my heart that I shouldn’t drink and blog, but there’s nothing on TV and the laptop is working properly for a change. When I … Continue reading

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The big v…and I don’t mean vegas.

Warning – this is not a well thought out post so it’ll probably suck and I may talk about my pubes. I’m definitely going to mention my balls though, so stop now if that makes you squeamish. —————————————– I’m not … Continue reading

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Drinking. yeah, I do that sometimes…

A few years back, well, I guess it’d have to be five years or so since Ace was in preschool, Grandpa Dutty (dad) and I went to do some Christmas shopping a couple of days before Christmas.  Because he was … Continue reading

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Astroglide…it’s what’s for dinner and apparently non-toxic!

A few weeks ago while working in the yard (I know, this story sounds made up already,right?) the wife called for me in a semi-frantic tone.  Not as frantic as the recent G$ incident, but enough so that I put … Continue reading

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