This one’s for Ace!!

So it’s dawned on me recently that much of this blog’s content involving my kids revolves around the boys. If you’ve only just begun following, you may be unaware that I have a daughter as well.

I call her Ace on this blog and it’s her real life nickname to boot, courtesy of her grandmother.

While the squeaky wheels get the grease, all Ace does is get great grades, helps around the house and with her little brothers, never gets into any notable trouble and is a complete joy to have around!

I’m glad the good Lord didn’t have me fill out paperwork asking what I wanted in a daughter, because I’d have been too bashful to ask for all that he’s given us in Ace. I’d have sold myself way short!

Wife and I were married in September of 2002, after many years of her courting and wooing me unmercifully. The very next month, October 20th or maybe the 22nd, to be exact, we got our drink on at the Schlafly Taproom in downton St. Louis with a couple of our friends, Matt and Joe. The beer of the night was Oatmeal Stout and it was quite tasty.

The short of it is that some weeks thereafter, the wife informed me that she was with child but not to get excited because it was early and her doctor thought it was an ectopic pregnancy or some such nonsense like that. Well, I most certainly did have my hopes up, and thankfully, the doctor was mistaken and the pregnancy went just fine.

I come from a family of all boys. My mother looooonged desperately for a daughter. I still remember the hair barrettes that she had painted “Tia” on in the hopes that her last son would be a girl. Alas, it was not meant to be for her.

So, her joy at having her first grandbaby be a girl was unbridled.

I was also pleased to have a girl. The worry isn’t that the first one will be a girl, it’s that the next one would also be a girl, but that’s for another time.

My mom promptly retired from her job of nearly 40 years and became a babysitter. While we were lucky to have her at the time, her and Ace bonded way too much.

They used to talk to each other like they were sisters instead of grandma and grand daughter. It was a little creepy.

When Ace was a toddler, she was just as cute as a little girl could be.


Yes, that’s totally a Milwaukee’s Best box at grandma and grandpa’s house.

Her grandma was no cook and they’d eat out nearly every single day. This had some benefit, as she knew how to act like a civilized little human being in restaurants. We used to have people walk up to us all the time and compliment us on how good she was. How sad is it that she was the exception?

We never had any problem bringing Ace to happy hour with us as she enjoyed the video games and pull tabs while we consumed our mommy and daddy beverages.

The card she made for her grandpa when she was 5 is still classic to me.


An oldie but a goodie still.

Thankfully, she didn’t recall the fine server we had at Hooter’s when she drew that picture! Hooters, yeah we’ve been there. Ace loves wings!

Daddy daughter day!

Daddy daughter day!

And drinks!



And more drinks…

Whose round is it?

Whose round is it?

She’s always been a great eater. Fruits, veggies, you name it, but her first love is bacon and all meats related! She’s a meat and potatoes kind of gal!

The girl loves her some breakfast.

The girl loves her some breakfast.

It’s not all fun and games and eating for Ace though, as she’s always had to pull her weight around the house.

They're never too young!

They’re never too young!

She’s a sweetheart to her brothers, most of the time.

Ace with baby Cool.

Ace with baby Cool.

Her and G$ look more alike than Cool, but sadly, he behaves nothing like her.

Ace and baby G$.

Ace and baby G$.

She’s the oldest of her cousins.


The girl likes to read, even to her brothers.


That’s right, Cool, he does not like green eggs and ham.

Still reading.

A thriller no doubt.

A thriller no doubt.

She’s a pretty little lady and quite a dancer

We were dancin' fools that night.

We were dancin’ fools that night.

But she’s never subjected me to a lot of things that most little girls love. She’s never made me play Barbie, and in fact, I’m not sure that she’s ever played with them herself. She had a Polly Pockets phase for sure, but girly things just never won her over.

The girliest she’s ever been for Halloween was a witch.

Scary witch, right?

Scary witch, right?

We let her do as she wants, and she’s much happier dressed as a pirate.



Or just like her brother to make him happy.

You're both pretty super!

You’re both pretty super!

She’s always enjoyed playing sports of all kinds. From soccer…


She’s got moves!

to softball…

Totally paying attention.

Totally paying attention.

And anything involving water.

Water is her favorite.

Water is her favorite.

The girl can be goofy.



Hey, that's daddy's drinking hat!

Hey, that’s daddy’s drinking hat!

But she has a heart of gold.

Between G$ and Cool needing our help to cut their food or go to the bathroom or to hold them or make them a drink or this and that, Ace has to do a lot for herself. There’s nothing wrong with that for sure, and we make her do chores and do the things that she can on her own, but she’s still our baby girl and I sometimes worry that she feels like a third wheel.

She is so low maintenance and so gifted that I sometimes expect more from her than I should. We all have bad days and she’s entitled to them too.

I’m not saying she’s perfect by any stretch. She has a lot of me in her, so she can be sassy and lippy and pouty pouty pouty! Pouty isn’t from daddy, that’s her own gift.

But, sometimes when we take things for granted, we miss opportunities to remind them how we feel.

I love you, Ace. I love you more than my silly brain and mouth could ever conspire to tell you in person. That’s a shame, yes, but it is what it is. You’d probably just roll your eyes and say “Oh, Daddy, stop it!” anyway.

Know that when I tease you and test you and pester you and push you and urge you and offer you constructive criticism and ask you questions and give you chores and test your patience or tell you no or “because I said so” without explanation, I do it because I love you and I’m trying to do what I think is best for you.

Your mom and I aren’t perfect parents; we know that! There’s no book though, kid, we’re making this up as we go along!

You’re a sweetie and you have lots of friends.

I’m not your friend.

Say wha!!?

Say wha!!?

Mom is not your friend either.

Now you're just being an ass.

Now you’re just being an ass.

We’re your parents.

We love you and want what’s best for you.

You’ll always be my baby girl.

My first little buddy!

My first little buddy!

No matter how big you grow.

Not so little anymore.

Not so little anymore.

While I’m really eager to see what kind of woman you grow up to be, there’s no hurry. Let’s slow our roll a little bit with this growing up, ok sweetie?

My brain ain’t so good and I want to remember you as you are now and have been for the past nine wonderful years!

Thanks for being so great, kiddo!

Baby girl!

Baby girl!

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58 Responses to This one’s for Ace!!

  1. Aww what a terrific kid, Don! You are blessed. Keep that drawing – it’s priceless! 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    D’aww. That’s sweet. I was wondering when we’d hear more about her! She’s a cutie.

  3. Mary Pat McInnis says:

    How very, very sweet. Every little girl should have parents so proud and who love her as much as you both do! By the way, I am one of the 200 followers who actually does love reading your blog! I am glad you are keeping it up!

  4. ardenrr says:

    She’s gorgeous!!! I was such a daddy’s girl and I bet she is too. Will you be like my Dad and show up at the door with a shotgun on her first date? It’s not as scarring as I thought it would be 🙂

  5. cookie1986 says:

    There’s nothing like Daddy-Daughter love. Unbreakable bond!

  6. She’s just beautiful Don!! And the way you talk about her is amazing. Keep this for her and give it to her when she graduates from high school, because it’s really special. 🙂

  7. juju333 says:

    “Pouty isn’t from daddy, that’s her own gift.” Best quote! It does appear as though she got those baby blues from you though.
    Wonderful and touching post. She is a beautiful girl.
    My son asked to go to Hooters for his 8th birthday. When I asked him why he wanted to go there, he replied, “Titties.” Of course, I had to take him. We had a great time and I am happy to report he still likes titties. Although, he doesn’t much talk to good ole mom about it much anymore. He is a bit too old for that.
    I know everyone says it but it is true; time goes by so fast. So, savor every sweet and sour moment of it. They will be grown and on their own (you hope) in a blink of an eye.
    But then you get the next fun stage: grandchildren. I am loving being a Yaya!!!!!!!!

  8. Awesome, Don! She’s a cutie. I’m kinda new here, so I’ve never seen your wife. Don’t have to. I know Ace gets her looks from her. Oh, c’mon Don! I don’t want to make you cry like Todd & Margo (I’m still kinda upset over that one.) Well, anyway. You’re a great Dad. My favorite part of the story was just even the fact that you had to type out “Polly Pockets.” That’s cool. Cheers buddy.

  9. Yvonne says:

    I am sitting here bawling like a baby! I can’t even see as I type this…I loved this…

  10. merbear74 says:

    I so loved this!! What a beautiful little girl you have, what a lovely tribute. xx

  11. Leila says:

    Oooof…this post made my heart all squishy. Your girl is lucky to have a daddy who loves her so.

  12. barbtaub says:

    LOVED this post! And it reminded me of our oldest daughter’s first date. Her daddy followed the poor boy’s car all the way to the dance to make sure they got there okay. And you guessed it. He just ‘happened’ to be there when the dance got out and followed them back to our house. Did he get any better with daughters #2 and #3? Sadly, no he did not. Daughter #1 is now a practicing attorney, age 30. Her daddy asked me the other day if I thought she had enough warm clothes…

  13. tric says:

    Pox! I was going to be sarky and slag you, but I just re read your post and cant go through with it! If you ever read my blog?? think I’ve seen you visit occasionally!! you know my feelings for my Dad, some day if you keep going like this she may be daft enough to put you on the same pedestal! Enjoy her.

  14. Leila says:

    Good lord, girl…it sounds like you grew up in Mayberry. What a sweet memory.
    As for your boy…the grass is always greener, right? He’s gonna miss his momma.

  15. I loved this post! Probably because I have a LOT of the same feelings about my daughter. Since day 1 she has been the “easy” kid. And, because of that, we forget a lot of the time that she is still just a kid, and we need to let her throw a fit every once in a while. I loved seeing pics of the kiddos too. They are beautiful. And that picture she drew? CLASSIC.

    • Thank you Mormon. The good ones do get hosed a little bit, it seems. I do often forget that she’s just a kid. She’s leaps and bounds more mature than the boys I’m used to who are the same age or even older.

  16. modeejae says:

    Thanks for this post. Going through some serious struggles with my 19 year old that oddly your Ace reminds me of when she was younger. Cherish these moments!

  17. Maggie O'C says:

    Crying at work violation! Ace is a looker! I love the card, I believe we have a similar something by one of my kids that involves beer and golf. I love “You have lots of friends. I am not your friend. Your mom is not your friend.” You are singing my song and I learned it from my parents. I’m not your friend, I’m your mother so just do it! 🙂

    Wonderful, as always!

  18. keladelaide says:

    It is lovely to see the marshmallow centre of you, Don.
    Just beautiful.
    Kelly ♡

  19. Laura Lynn says:

    I just called my Dad and gave him hell for not telling me stuff like that. He agreed to buy me a new 52″ TV. Great post, thanks.

  20. Now you’re making me jealous because I’ve got only boys. Are girls really well-behaved and helpful? They make kids like that? I want one.
    On a side note, I guess I should lighten up on you about the Bud Light w/lime. It all makes more sense now, and every generation takes one more small step forward.

    • Yeah, my mom is pretty much a whatever’s cheapest I’m buying it woman when it comes ot beer. That’s horrendous! Lol. You should go for a girl; I highly recommend it!

  21. xtrememom says:

    Beautiful post, daddy!! ❤

  22. aliciabenton says:

    Aww – this post is the BEST! And that card for Grandpa is AMAZING!!! Maybe she can start her own business making Mother’s Day, Christmas, every-other-holiday cards for me! What a cutie!

  23. rebecca2000 says:

    I think this is one of my favorite posts by you. She is beautiful. You are truly blessed.

  24. Teresa re says:

    #1-yes aunt Doris did make barrettes in anticipation of “Tia” but who would seriously trade sweet dusty
    #2-tnere is no such thing as too much gma bonding and thank you very much our conversations were not and are not “creepy”- they are inspiring !
    #3-perhaps we had several lunch fun things with friends and fam her first few years but they surely broadened her horizons!
    #4-and most importantly,thank you for the gift of Ace,nothing prepares you for how your first grandchild will rule your world. The only thing better is more grand- darlings, kisses Belle,Drools and Magoo😍

  25. Mrs. mary says:

    this was just beautiful! Ace as you call her was a beautiful little girl and has grown into a gorgeous young lady. I remember for her smiles and that she just loves spiders too. haha

  26. MissFourEyes says:

    Aww, this is so sweet. You’ve got a very pretty little girl.

  27. Nicholiovich says:

    With names like that, you’re blessed, your children are blessed, their friends are blessed. But I’m certain the person who feels most blessed are their teachers during roll call.

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