To blog or not to blog…

WordPress has just informed me that I now have 200 followers. As I have been unmotivated to write anything recently outside of snarky comments on the posts of bloggers I enjoy, I can only assume that the last few enjoy a good, snarky comment from time to time.

I’ve checked most of my followers out and they all seem legit. I’d heard that others have seen some sort of upsurge in followers who may or may not be real people? I don’t know what that means, but whatever.

I’m fairly confident that 15 or so of you read my blog with a little bit of regularity. I assume 10 of you are reading in the hopes that you’ll finally read the thing that pushes you too far so that you can unfollow me without feeling guilty about it, while 2 of you were told I was funny by somebody who read my blog back when I was sort of funny, and the other 3 of you just want to make sure I’m not talking badly about you.

Whatever your reason, I appreciate it. 

Speaking of people who read just to see if I’m talking negatively about them, I want to congratulate my FRIEND, Margo! You may remember Margo from the Miracle of 2011.  Whereas I assumed that since I ran 13.1 consecutive miles without stopping to walk that I was ok to take the next year of my life to eat and drink whatever I wanted from the comfort of my couch, Margo continued to train.  She ran an entire marathon in Nashville this past weekend and I am really proud of her. I like to tease her, but I know she was really committed and worked her ass off training for this thing. Her husband, Todd, meanwhile was a total vagina as usual and “only” ran the half marathon.  Way to push yourself, Todd!!

Anyway, as I’ve spewed 70 posts and attained 200 followers, I assumed now was a good time to decide what to do with this blog idea.

It’s funny, but I think I was more comfortable when I had a lot fewer followers but knew who most of them were and could respond to them without having to go visit their blogs first to remind myself who I was talking to again.

I’ve been out of sorts with this blog for over a month now, ever since I posted about an old work friend who passed away unexpectedly and decided to throw in some memories about other police officers who had died as well.

I didn’t expect it to get viewed so often, but compared to my usual posts, it did.  See:



It’s like a giant middle finger saying fuck you, Don, you’ll never get this many views in one day again!!

While I probably won’t, I really don’t care.  Since I’m hard to please, as long as I’m happy with what I post, I know that at least some of you will also enjoy it.  If one person smiles or cries or says “what a dick,” then I’ll be happy.  Way back in another life, I used to write “serious” things in school and enjoy them. Whether it was a short story or an interpretation of a poem or piece of literature, I enjoyed that crap.  I pondered whether to stick to writing things that are more serious or intellectual in nature (believe it or not, I can do that if I have to!).  I even thought about creating another blog to write that sort of stuff, but at the end of the day, it’s not what makes me happy. 

I’m donofalltrades, and that means, in part, that this blog can be all over the place if I want it to be.  I didn’t know what I was going to write about when I started, so I guessed that it’d be about all sorts of different shit.

So while I’m writing this and half wondering if I want to continue to write a blog, Le Clown just liked one of my earlier posts.  If there’s such a thing as somebody getting tired of being complimented, he would know.  He has a couple of great blogs and goes out of his way to make blogging something that we can all enjoy together.  I’m going to take his “like” as a sign from God to carry on with this thing!  Sorry, wife!

On to other things.

Guess who’s 2 now?


Yup, lil G$ had a birthday yesterday.

You’ve not heard much about him recently because he’s been a pretty good boy as far as not hurting himself or eating anything outrageous.  Other than assaulting his older brother with a toy hammer from time to time, he’s been pretty well behaved as well.  That’s fine and dandy for our sanity, but it leaves me longing for blog topics.

Well ok, I didn’t really have anything to say, but wanted to get a post up to keep me interested.  I feel a little bit rejuvenated already.

Thanks for reading and who knows, maybe I’ll pull another epic post out of my ass one of these days soon!

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65 Responses to To blog or not to blog…

  1. Amy says:

    Blogging is weird, isn’t it? I was JUST saying that I worked very hard on a post that nobody seems to like, and it is an important post too, not my usual silly crap. Hard not to feel like people WANT you to write in one certain way or about one certain thing.

    ANYHOODLE, I love your blog and everything you write. Happy birthday G$!

    • Thank you, Amy, I enjoy your blog as well! I haven’t had a chance to read your important post, but it’s on my to do list. I didn’t want to read it on my phone in case I had an exhausting comment to add. Plus my eyes ain’t what they used to be.

      • Amy says:

        Oh I wasn’t admonishing you for not reading it. Just whining. I do that a lot.

        It’s all part of my charm…or so I like to tell myself that it’s charming.

  2. I recently had a ‘middle finger’ day recently too and when I investigated it was because I slagged off some TV chef, some uni student agreed with me and posted the link to a student website and they all had a bit of a look.

    Anyway I kind of despised myself for trying to figure out what happened as it clearly means I want more readers, but I am determined not to work from a strategy or ‘like’ stuff I don’t like or write stuff to please the majority cos for me, that defeats the object and takes away the pleasure of it.

    You’re probably wondering who the fuck I am and why I’m boring you with this diatribe, and just remembered that I forgot to take my meds, so apologies and feel free to delete this if you wish….. :-s

  3. Laura Lynn says:

    Timely. I was just writing about this thing that happened 30 years ago…and wondering wtf? It’s a good story, true even, but my blog is kind of a depressing topic so posting it there, when it has zero to do with what’s going on…well, floopy ’em.oops wait, your daughter critiques this lemme just go back…yeah, so. I’m writing whatever I want. And posting it. Even if its NOT DEPRESSING. I once was healthy and funny. Floop happened. I’m more than the sum total of my blog title. If I wanna write about what a jackass I used to be, so be it. If i start kicking and screaming about my floopy luck, well, so be that.

  4. Kevin says:

    Man, I’m with you about blogging. April kicked my ass and I did only a few posts. I have a lot of great ideas in my car while driving but when I sit in front of the computer I go blank. I think writer’s call that something….anyway, I try to make my blog entries interesting so my imaginary stalker Cyndi will keep reading. And honestly, it is hard. She might be imaginary, but she is one picky reader.

    Congrats to G$ for making it to his 2nd birthday with you as a parent. It does suck when they behave and never give you material for blog stories. May I suggest throwing three items in a room and locking him in? I’m sure something good will occur and the creative process will begin again.

    • I’ve told myself to write things down as they pop into my head, but I don’t and many a funny thought is lost forever! I’m hoping as the weather warms and the kids are outside that the creative juices will start flowing. If nothing else, we’re going to take a family vacation…that’s always blogging material gold right there!

      • Kevin says:

        I keep trying to write it down on a notepad but that notepad never makes it inside. And I usually come up with some great ideas as my wife is talking (but I’m not listening). Sure, my mind might be wandering but she finds it rude when I start writing down ideas when she is talking about something totally unrelated. Really, some people have no respect for the creative process.

  5. Congrats on your success!
    You are so right that the more readers you get the more stressful it becomes to please them all but you know write for you and the rest falls into place.
    Thanks for leaving ‘snarky’ comments on my blog. I love it!
    Keep at it! Cheers!

  6. A.J. Goode says:

    Hmmm, I feel sort of responsible for your realizing that you have 200 followers . . . should I apologize for the whole Liebster Award thing?

    Happy birthday to your little guy. I’m sure he’ll give you plenty to write about over the next year — that’s why it’s called the Terrible Twos!

  7. barbtaub says:

    It’s true, Don. I only read your blog to make sure you’re not talking smack about me. Busted!

    • Smack…lol! Awe yeah! It’s good to see you around again; you’ve been MIA a little bit.

      • barbtaub says:

        Sadly true. I’ve been searching for new place to hang my hat up in Scotland, where my significant just took new job. Soon I’ll be calling things “wee” and eating haggis. Well, not so soon on the haggis part… But I’ll try to keep up better, at least with fabulous (finger-pointing) blogs like this one. Eventually, G$ will do something bloggable, and I don’t want to miss it!

  8. merbear74 says:

    Hey Don! Your a dick!! 😉

  9. tric says:

    You sure it says 200 not 20? Some days I think I couldn’t be bothered blogging but I do love the challenge. I only write what I feel like writing, so even if I’ve almost finished a post, if it is not suiting my mood I wont post it. I love “likes” and comments but I don’t really think they validate the piece I write( I think that is a good wordy way of saying ” I’m over them not “liking” that fantastic piece”). Now that i know some of my followers,( I think you might be one of them!!!) I do sometimes think “Oh jesus, what will be the comment here?”, but I bravely carry on regardless. As for inspiration, I find alcohol works great, or so I tell my other half! Continue to keep it fun and not a chore, that is my amazing advice! I hope you keep going I do enjoy your posts and comments, always insightful and full of wisdom!

  10. Amber Perea says:

    Happy birthday G$! I thought Jp was the only one into assaulting people with toy hammers. The kid has a a saw, too, and it’s a little unnerving to watch him pretend beating and hacking everything to pieces. 😉

    I know it’s hard to sit down and write sometimes but I think your best pieces are the ones that you like not the world. I always get the most likes on the sappy ones. Boring. 😉 My favorite piece of yours to this day was your wife guest blog.

    Best ever. 🙂

  11. Katie says:

    Blogging is weird. The things you expect people to like and what they actually like are usually two different things. And you know, I’d rather have less followers and have more that leave feedback. I like to know what people are thinking of what I’m doing. Sometimes, anyway.

    • I know, right? I won’t follow a blog just because they followed me or even comment on my blog. I have to like most of what I read on that blog. It’s hard to keep up, honestly, and I don’t want to miss some of my favorites’ posts.

  12. Yeah, Don, buddy! 200, nice! Well, yes the numbers are cool and everything, but really it’s about what you’ve said. Connecting with certain people, and just doing it because that’s what you like to do. So keep doing if you’d like to, because you’re a good writer. Well, congrats to G$ on #2, and wishing many more for the little guy.

    PS. Hahaha, Todd…that vagina! Tell ’em the Dimwit said so too!!!

    • Oh look, it’s Dimmy with his 1500 followers!! Lol! I’ll tell Todd you said so! Maybe you can PS a vagina where his head goes in a creepy forest someday! Hope you’re doing well, sir.

  13. Jennwith2ns says:

    Your assumptions as delineated in paragraph #1 are correct, sir. I’m only sorry I’m not writing any fresh posts for you to snark on.

    On the other hand, I’m finding myself a little p.o.’d that you get so many views EVER (216 is still the most in one day for me, and I’ve been blogging for years). Which is probably why I stopped blogging for now–in hopes that I could stop caring . . .

  14. Mocha says:

    Congrats…happy Bday to your little man…

  15. ardenrr says:

    I think it’s because I’m still new to this whole blogging thing but I stalk my stats more than my ex-boyfriend! I’ve got a middle finger going on from a few weeks ago and I can’t figure out why in the hell I got more views that day over another. I should probably just calm down and not give a shit if people actually read my blog or not but we all know that’s not going to happen….

    • All bloggers will say out loud that we write for ourselves and could care less what others think, but at the end of the day, that’s bullshit. If that were true, we would write in a Word document and save it for ourselves on a hard drive instead of publishing it for the world to see. We all crave the attention and, hopefully, some kudos. Nothing wrong with that.

  16. Three Time Loser says:

    What surprises me the most is not how many views on a particular day… but where the views are originating from. I recently had two ‘middle finger’ days – April 23 and then the 25th. Visitors from Canada and the US are expected. But I’ve recently had visitors from Pakistan, England, India, Moldova (I had to Google that one!), Colombia and Turkey. And those are just from the last 7 days! And the number 1 search term that gets them to my site is some combination of ‘90210’ and ‘Netflix’. Who knew?

  17. sassypanties says:

    I TOTALLY CARE ABOUT MY STATS AND I’M NOT ASHAMED OF THAT SHIT! OWN IT! I think we all go through lulls when we write. It’s natural. Other times it’s like a sieve. It just pours out of you. Don’t worry that there are SCORES of people – hanging on just waiting for you to write something. And you don’t have to steer your blog in a certain direction. Just write whatever comes naturally and you’ll never go wrong. It keeps us all on our toes.

    Happy birthday to the little man. I had a two year old once…..good luck with that.

  18. Go Jules Go says:

    Happy birthday to G$! Taureans rule.

    And I hear you – I changed my blog name a year ago so I could branch out a bit! I think if you’ve got your name in or as your blog name, it’s pretty much ‘game on’ for anything! I also know exactly what you mean about the followers; you realize how meaningless blogging is unless you’re interacting with the community!

    Bring it on, Don of an alarming number of trades!

  19. Congrats Don! I started blogging last year and when I thought I was going to be writing more about fashion, all I do is post about drinking and my cat. And people seem to love it. Go figure! Happy Birthday to little G$. And BIG CONGRATS to Margo – it had to be miserable, as it was storming and pouring down rain the entire race here in Nashville. Cheers!

  20. Happy Birthday to G$ first of all!! and this line “It’s like a giant middle finger saying fuck you, Don, you’ll never get this many views in one day again!!” made me laugh out loud. Because that’s how I feel about my stats every time I look at them. Remember that funny post that I DIDN’T write that got all those views? At least your middle finger is from a blog post you wrote. 😉 Don’t stop writing because you always make me laugh even if it’s a little inappropriate.

  21. Keep being annoying…I mean writing. Just kidding. You aren’t annoying at all, I think your blog is quite enjoyable. Screw em all, write what you want to write, how you want to write it. 🙂

  22. Maggie O'C says:

    Ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, peaches and herb….when all else fails write about the weird comments you get in your spam folder. Or find a bucket list on line and write why you have no interest in doing every activity on the list.

    Congrats, you deserve every single follower you get even if they are just bots selling male enhancement products.

  23. momonfire says:

    My most popular blog was my shortest post ever, written when I was half asleep after I did my middle of the night rounds on my kids. I put pretty much no effort into it. How’s that for an eff u? I haven’t posted much as of late, bc I’m tired and unmotivated. Ya gotta be in the mood. And not have three kids trying to get back into the womb via your ass. That being said, I love your posts. Hope you keep at it

  24. keladelaide says:

    Do you have 7 fingers on each hand? That would explain a lot.

  25. What did you do to get that middle finger? I want one like that!

  26. juju333 says:

    Yeah Margo! And Happy Birthday to the lil one.

    I know I threatened you with unreadship but that is only because you got BORING. Don’t do that. If you keep writing you will be able to keep your readers engaged.

    People rarely comment on my blogs. Not sure why. But the ones I have posted recently have got more likes. I guess people really do like poetry. However, my blog is not really about me. But I have found it is easier to get started from ME! And then let it flow to what “they” want to say.

    You have lots of ping and pong going on here. That is one of the things I like about your blog. That and you really are quiet funny.

    And it is okay to care as long as you don’t sell out.


  27. Michelle says:

    Congrats on 200 followers!!! I only have just over a 100:(

  28. queenlorene says:

    “Eclectic” blogs, such as your/mine, generally piss off someone or other. Then you end up doing the weeble-wobble dance to make em all happy. A little of this, switch to that, back to here. I blog about poetry (both funny and sad), illness (I am walking death), mental illness (yup, I am one of them too), religion (I am Christian), singing (Yikes, I actually POST recordings–did you see the mental health section?). Anyway, I have followers on each one of these sections. So I end up leaving my punchy humor on comments elsewhere so as not to offend, and I have discovered that the diversifying in blogland is akin to the failure of a bank. Someone will take out their blog-follow at one point or another. So be happy with the 200, actually I think the larger it is the less fun it gets.

  29. Le Clown says:

    I missed this. Man, I’m sorry. You are a regular commentor, and a great blogger. Let me make it up to you. And no, I won’t offer you a poutine. Give me 15 minutes, and come over to my post today.
    Le Clown

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