Sigh, I mean yay! Leibster Award!!

This post is for my blogging cohorts and won’t make sense to the 12 of you who follow me outside of WordPress (i.e. my lovely wife who may ask at dinner tonight if these awards include any sort of monetary presentation…uh, no, sorry dear.)

I’ve been presented with an award before and once I did a half assed job of trying to respond so I consider that one a fail that must be done over now that I’m a little more comfortable with how blogging works. I’m so sorry to whoever nominated me before when I couldn’t get around to responding!

I like that I’ve been recently nominated for two of these awards by fairly different styled bloggers. One blogger is more in your face and clearly enjoys the “F” word. In fact, motherfucker is her answer to a question she created for herself as to what her favorite curse word is!

The other blogger is more introspective and careful in her responses and I’ll start with her.

Thank you so much to A.J. Goode at A Good One for nominating me for a Leibster Award! A.J has three kids, just like moi and is a former hairdresser. Who doesn’t love hairdressers? Mona Lisa Vito was a hairdresser in My Cousin Vinny for God’s sake!


Anyway, her story about overcoming a very serious accident is touching and I wish her the best in her goal to have a novel she’s working on (you’re working on it, right) finished AND accepted for publication by June 21, 2014!

Now, on to business here.  There are rules, first and foremost, and they are as follows:

The rules:

  1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog. – Done
  2. Post 11  facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees. – Fuck!  I didn’t realize I had to create 11 questions and come up with facts about myself!  This is going to take longer than I’d hoped.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen. – Christ, even more work…I should have read this first.
  4. Display the Liebster Award logo. – Easy enough.
  5. No tag back thingys.- I don’t know what this means, so I assume we’re good with it.

Ok now, 11 facts about myself…hmmmm.

  1. Yes, I am currently paying too much for my car insurance.
  2. I am currently a commissioned police officer and a licensed attorney at the same time.  I’m a lawyer who can carry a gun. This seems to confuse people to no end for some reason.
  3. I have three kids.  For purposes of this blog they are Ace, Cool and G$. (Lots of new followers may not know this)
  4. I live in Missouri.  Not the uber urban liberal part or the way out rural red part, but in the middle somewhere.
  5. I once tried to be a cat owner (I was single and living alone – Good God the stereotypes!) but it didn’t work out.  When I say I’ll never own a cat, I can at least say that I tried for several hours and failed.
  6. I’ve never taken a weeklong vacation anywere but to a beach.  Why a human being would vacation in the snow or where there is no sun and ocean is a mystery to me.
  7. My favorite numer is 9, but sometimes it’s 8.
  8. Not for any good reason, but I don’t have any tattoos or piercings.
  9. I’m the oldest of four boys, one of whom only lived a few hours.  We all have names that start with a D.
  10. My butt has a crack in it.  Hahahahaha!!  Shut up.

Ok, now here are the questions that Ms. Goode asked of her nominees (hang in there readers!)

  1. If you could be a superhero, what power would you want? -Hmmm…X-Ray vision would be pretty cool for the perv in me, and also useful as a police officer, but I’m going to go with being able to expand my body like that Fantastic 4 guy.  You’re welcome, wife!
  2. Coke or Pepsi? – I was always a Pepsi guy, but a Coke in the morning used to be the best.  Now I’m an ice tea drinker and don’t care which soda a restaurant serves.  I’m going to say Coke though since it tastes better with Jack.
  3. What do you believe in? – Ghosts.  For real, we had one at our old house.  She used to take care of Ace when Ace was a baby and freak the dog out.
  4. Who inspires you?  I don’t know about inspires, but I’m always impressed with people who can move me with words, whether it be a song or a poem or other.
  5. Are you an Old Soul or Young at Heart? Totally a young heart but I cherish the past and traditions too.
  6. What was your first job? I started making pizzas at a St. Louis joint called Imos when I was 15.
  7. Pick your own question here…..Ok, Do you like Feta cheese?  Yes.
  8. What is your dream car?  Currently, a limo so that I can roll that divider thing up when the kids won’t shut the fuck up.  That would change to a Ferrari once it’s just the wife and I cruisin’ to the beach Christy Brinkley style.
  9. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? If it had meat in it, I might say salad, believe it or not.  Just to be safe though, I’m picking pizza.
  10. Dog person  or cat person?  See above.  Sorry kittens.
  11. What one place would you like to visit before you die?  Italy.

Now to pick 11 blogs.  I’m going to do more than 11 and I’m picking all female blogger blogs for this one just because I can!  I’m picking mostly randomly and looking at people who’ve followed me for more than a month, even though, if you’re reading this and I follow your blog, I love it too!  Please don’t hate me if yours isn’t listed!  If you have over 200 followers, I don’t think I’m supposed to pick you anyway.

  1. – Her story is incredible.  It’s not something everyone will be able to stomach for sure, but I think she can help others.  She’s been through a lot already and her best years are yet to come.
  2. – She’s addicted to someecards and is a funny paralegal.  No brainer.
  3. – She’s funny and trying to raise two boys.  I like watching people try to raise sons, what can I say?
  4. – I’m not even sure why I like her blog.  She likes Kansas State for God’s sake. 
  5. – Another person who lives in Kansas, presumably on purpose.  Her relationship trainwrecks are fun to follow.
  6. – Call her Katie, not Kate.  Geez…
  7. – She’s both thoughtful and funny which helps make up for her being Irish.  A real Irish person who lives in Ireland!  Cork, Ireland!
  8. – Filterless and funny.  Sounds like somebody I know.
  9. – She does stand up comedy and played competitive badminton!  How cool is that??!!  The standup, not the badminton.
  10. and and and – It’s my blog and if I want to clump four blogs together because I like the bloggers then I will.  They’ve been with me a while and for some reason still are.
  11. – Another person raising sons; that she hasn’t seen a Godfather movie makes me want to slap her, but she’s cool otherwise.
  12. – I picked this one on purpose just to be nice.  I know her in real life and she and her children drive me fucking bonkers.  I hate them like they were my own blood.  Most of her posts will no doubt mention her oldest daughter.  She’s got that there Asperger’s and will let you know when you’re pissing her off.

So now here are 11 questions for my nominees:

  1. If you could introduce your husband or boyfriend to someone and had to tell his occupation during the introduction, what would you want that occupation to be?
  2. Pancakes or waffles?
  3. Favorite professional sports team?
  4. City in the USA not named New York, Boston, LA, Dallas, Chicago or Miami that you’d like to visit?
  5. Vacation time!  Where do you go if it can be anywhere?
  6. What’s a regret you have that sometimes eats at you?
  7. You can change one thing about your husband/boyfriend.  What is that thing?
  8. When’s the last time you were drunk?
  9. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
  10. If you could…if Jesus insisted that you murder one person, who would it be (I’m excluded please) –
  11. Best thing you’ve ever eaten?

A new blogger friend, nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  I may try to get to that another day, but please read her funny stuff.  She curses like a sailor, but that’s ok.

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38 Responses to Sigh, I mean yay! Leibster Award!!

  1. Vanessa says:

    The limo comment totally, totally cracked me up. And hey! Thanks for the nod. I also laughed at at how uncool badminton is. You cannot argue with the truth!

  2. cookie1986 says:

    Now I don’t have to find something to bitch about tomorrow morning. I will gladly blog about myself and ask questions that don’t matter. Liebster Thursday it is!

  3. A lawyer with a gun? Two words: hell, handbasket.

    • I mostly use it to crack some of the more difficult pistachios that don’t have a nice slit to break them open already and occasionally I put shoot at flies in the kitchen. But never in the same direction as the children.

  4. sassypanties says:

    I knew I wasn’t the only one that loved your blog!!! YAY FOR LIEBSTER!

  5. ardenrr says:

    Awesome Sauce — This is my first award so excuse me while I over-react…….

  6. Go Jules Go says:

    Can I answer #1 on your list anyway? “Lawyer who carries a gun.”

    Tell me everything about this ghost. I’ll get the pizza.

    • Lol, you’re silly. We are few and far betwen, luckily! Her name was Bernice and I should write a post about her one of these days!

      • Go Jules Go says:

        Yesssssss. We should team up for some sort of co-post. I don’t have any good ghost stories, though (MUCH TO MY DISAPPOINTMENT).

      • You name the topic then. I like pie! I’m trying to convince that my soon to be 2 year old wants that cookie crusted pudding filled Reeses thing you posted a pic of one time, but she ain’t buying it. lol.

      • Go Jules Go says:

        Ha! Maybe we should do a “How to Manipulate a Man / Woman” co-post thing, and I’ll crack the code for you re: getting your wife to make the Dream Cupcakes.

        I’ll email you!

  7. Oh Don! You’re making me moist over here!! I will get to those questions as soon as I have a drama-free moment. hahaha Thanks!!

  8. Papidre says:

    The limo answer had me dying laughing lol

  9. tric says:

    Hey. Congratulations. Someone must have had a typo and put in your blog title, that is the only explanation I have. And what was that ridiculous question you got to ask yourself, “Do you like Feta cheese?” I mean were you just looking around the kitchen and became “inspired”?. However you did nominate me!!!! So thank you thank you. I’m sorry to say I do have this award already and sit down for this, last weekend went over the 200! BUT I am so chuffed. I really appreciate it. Even if you showed anti-irish bias. I will bring you around to my irish ways eventually.

    • Don’t you try to Irish your way out of doing the work associated with this prestigious award! I figured you had received it already, as have 3/4 of the others I think. The point was to be a thorn in your side, so get to answerin’!

      • sassypanties says:

        Crap – that’s why I gave you the Sunshine Award….the old “thorn in the side” trick. Hmph. Now I have to think of another way to annoy you…

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  11. Pingback: Awards Time Again | Fish Of Gold

  12. 🙂 Thank you, I mean shame on you for not nominating me. I keep on getting these things and have only done one. No one checks to see if you comply with the rules or anything.

    • Welcome back! I know, I tried to nominate mostly people I knew had one and would be pissed off about getting another one because they’ll either have to do it or feel guilty for not having done so…bwahahahahahahaha!!

  13. Amy says:

    OMG…ANOTHER award? Curse this wit of mine.

    I do appreciate this so very much. I always find other good people to read through my favorites like you, Don, and that is awesome.

    I will NEVER EVER EVER watch a Godfather movie. EVER. Glad you’re okay with that. Because never.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  14. Thanks for the shout out, even though I was clumped together. Whatever. I believe in Ghosts too. And, I love your question….if Jesus insisted you murder one person. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’d really have to think about that one if I only had to choose one person and get a free pass. I love your posts. So funny.

  15. Amber Perea says:

    Yeah buddy! Thank you so much for doing this. I literally love all of the blogs. I feel crazy honored.

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  18. Hey, Don!! Where the hell is my Mancakes?? You’re a cop, could you do some investigating?? I need a big steaming stack, and her blog has mysteriously disappeared!! HELP!! Sending out a BOLO for Mancakes!!

  19. Sweetness! Congrats dood (I spelled it dood, can we still be shitty alcohol drinking best friends?) Cool, liked reading the 11 facts especially – even though you only listed 10? Or did I miss something? I am a dimwit after all. But your #10 is worthy of two facts, so who cares anyways.

    Off to read your stuff good man. Get your pluggin’ nice and ready for next week. There’s just no way to not make that sound dirty. Cheers!

    • Thanks, Dimmy! Can I call you Dimmy? I would have nominated you but you have 10,000 followers already. I look forward to you PSing me in a tent behind a hot blonde chick. Oh wait, you didn’t say that. Thanks for stopping in again. I’m sorry if this is the best offer you have on a Friday night in Pittsburgh though.

      • Ha! What a sorry lot for losers we all are on our blogs on a Friday night, huh? I’m too poor to get drunk right now too, but at least I still have Photoshop. Got a good one with Mary Poppins coming up. Well, I hope you’re drunk at least. And yes, by all means, call me Dimmy! You are part of the wind staring threesome after all.

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