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The writer’s life – blog tour…

Remember when we used to pretty regularly get Liebster Awards and Sunshine Awards and Dragon Something or Other Awards and Versatile Blogger Awards and Inspiring Blogger Awards and Donofalltradesisthebiggestassholeiknow Awards and what not? Well I do. I always really sucked … Continue reading

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When I was little i thought…

When I was little, I thought that being a cop would be the coolest fallback job in the world, if for some reason I wasn’t able to play short stop for the St. Louis Cardinals. My dad was a cop … Continue reading

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To blog or not to blog…

WordPress has just informed me that I now have 200 followers. As I have been unmotivated to write anything recently outside of snarky comments on the posts of bloggers I enjoy, I can only assume that the last few enjoy a … Continue reading

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Sigh, I mean yay! Leibster Award!!

This post is for my blogging cohorts and won’t make sense to the 12 of you who follow me outside of WordPress (i.e. my lovely wife who may ask at dinner tonight if these awards include any sort of monetary … Continue reading

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Paying it forward or some bs like that…

I started this blog four months and nearly 50 posts ago.  50! That’s more commitment than I expected from myself, quite honestly. Don’t worry regular followers, I wasn’t going to post anything until next week, so this Friday post isn’t … Continue reading

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