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When I was little i thought…

When I was little, I thought that being a cop would be the coolest fallback job in the world, if for some reason I wasn’t able to play short stop for the St. Louis Cardinals. My dad was a cop … Continue reading

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More fried chicken palace adventures and ANOTHER blog win!!…

One of my favoritest people in the blogging world, Molly, (seriously, she comes from circus stock!  Go read her stuff, she’s fantastic.) , reminded me of this old post wherein I regaled readers with stories from the fried chicken palace. For … Continue reading

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Death isn’t funny, so neither is this post…

*This post is categorized under The not meant to be funny stuff and is a 100% non-humorous post about some thoughts and memories of my time working as a police officer.  While I hope you’ll still read it and share … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: All Grown Up | still waiting to feel like a grown up…

Today’s Daily Prompt asks when was the first time I felt like like a grown up (if ever)? This DP is apropos for me since I’m less than 15 hours from turning the page on my 30’s.  I’ll miss you … Continue reading

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I survived the storm in spite of you bastards…

I live in a fairly new subdivision where most of us bought homes because the school district is excellent (for public education in Missouri, that is). That being the case, there are many many many kids living in the neighborhood. … Continue reading

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Evaporating sun tea…yup

My first job out of college was in Dallas, Texas. I loaded what little bit of heavy stuff I owned into my piece of shit Mazda pickup truck and drove all night from St. Louis to Irving, Texas, home of … Continue reading

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