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A senseless death…

We arrived at the Children’s Hospital Emergency Room at the same time. He and his partner parked and I pulled up to their left and did the same. I got out of my car and watched as the officer hurried … Continue reading

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Winning a routine call for crazy…

The call was for an “OBS.” If I’m remembering correctly, OBS is an acronym for Organic Brain Syndrome, but it’s used in my circles to refer to somebody who’s basically crazy. I guess crazy isn’t politically correct, and maybe OBS … Continue reading

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Hot pics and a potential Q & A with officer don…

It’s been hot as fuck around these parts lately. Gman’s been hot. Cool’s been hot. And yours truly has been hot. I hadn’t even left the parking lot at work when I started sweating like the proverbial whore on nickel … Continue reading

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I once saw the biggest…another FTSF

I know, right? So many ways to take this one. I think the obvious route would be for me to tell you about the biggest Wang I’ve ever seen. Have I ever mentioned that? Jin Wang is a Chinese guy … Continue reading

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Dandy Randy and some other ramblins’…

Here’s a post just to be posting. So that guy walked across the grand canyon on a two inch cable. Did you see that? I watched it with my daughter and we enjoyed the spectacle. It took some huge balls … Continue reading

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Death isn’t funny, so neither is this post…

*This post is categorized under The not meant to be funny stuff and is a 100% non-humorous post about some thoughts and memories of my time working as a police officer. ¬†While I hope you’ll still read it and share … Continue reading

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