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If i could go back in time…

I’d go back to lunch this afternoon and order a salad instead of that half fried chicken and giant plate of french fries I scarfed down. Holy crap, I can’t move! Hahaha, no, I’m kidding. I had that for lunch … Continue reading

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Famous people opinions are also just like assholes…

I never understood what the big deal was about famous people’s opinions. There’s been a lot of chatter today about comments made by former NFL quarterback turned sports talk radio host, Boomer Esiason, about his thoughts on paternity leave taken … Continue reading

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FTSF, your favorite decade was… plus a brief conversation with the 90’s

My favorite decade was… Even though I do feel like Homer quite a bit, my kids are still young enough that it’s hard for me to imagine any period of my life that doesn’t include them being my favorite. It’s … Continue reading

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FTSF…dumbest post ever? let’s hope it doesn’t get much worse!

Ok, so I wrote this below post while I was obliterating a twelve pack of Bud Light Lime last night. Don’t you judge me! It’s a FTSF post. Against my better judgment, I’m going to post it even though I … Continue reading

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Rockin’ arcade fun and a bumper sticker for your penis?

It’s a miserable, cold Friday morning. I decided to drink beer and watch the end of the Blues thrashing of the Islanders last night instead of writing a Finish the Sentence Friday post. In my defense, the Uverse internet connection … Continue reading

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Finish the sentence friday again. you tube clips so that’s cool, right?

Well alright, it’s another Finish The Sentence Friday and I’ve Finished Several Bud Light Limes watching the Blues play, so I’m going to participate again. You bloggers should join us sometime. I do it now, so it’s obviously pretty cool. … Continue reading

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When I was little i thought…

When I was little, I thought that being a cop would be the coolest fallback job in the world, if for some reason I wasn’t able to play short stop for the St. Louis Cardinals. My dad was a cop … Continue reading

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