Famous people opinions are also just like assholes…

I never understood what the big deal was about famous people’s opinions.

There’s been a lot of chatter today about comments made by former NFL quarterback turned sports talk radio host, Boomer Esiason, about his thoughts on paternity leave taken by a NY Mets baseball player, Dan Murphy.

The gist of the situation is that MLB players are entitled to three days of paternity leave or three games worth maybe, and this player, Murphy, took all three of his to see his wife give birth and be there for her while she was at the hospital. Murphy is 29 years old and this was his first child, so I’m guessing he was pretty pumped to become a dad.

Unimpressed with Murphy missing any time on the field, Esiason, who has played exactly zero MLB games, criticized Murphy for missing even a single game. Esiason went so far as to say that he’d have had his wife schedule a C-section before the season started so as to not miss any time.

Wait, what did you say, Don?

I said that he, Esiason, said on the air, that he would have made his wife schedule a C-section before the season started! You got that?

What a fucking idiotic thing to say.

Boomer Esiason seems to be an okay guy, so I won’t judge him entirely for saying something stupid on the air. Lord knows if I was judged for everything I’ve ever said, I’d have been crucified a long time ago.

Boomer has a family himself, including a son with Cystic Fibrosis. Boomer’s foundation has raised a whole lot of money and done a whole lot of good for other families who are going through life caring for a loved one with CF, so let’s not dismiss the good this man has done just because he said something stupid.

Boomer’s own website quotes him as saying the following:

One of the first lessons I learned in youth football was that winning requires all of the individual athletes on a team to come together, to cooperate and to support each other. It’s a lesson I think also applies to cystic fibrosis.

You know where else that applies, Boomer?

To your most important teammates, your family.

To Murphy’s family.

Winning at parenting requires the individuals on the family team to come together, to cooperate and to support each other. Murphy supported his wife by being there for her and THEIR baby.

It was their first baby, Boomer.

Do you remember your first baby being born?

I know I remember when my first one was born.

I was a wreck. Even as we were leaving the hospital three days later, I remember looking at my wife in the new SUV I’d traded my pickup truck in to buy and asking her, “now what the fuck do we do?”

The baby was in the backseat and we were supposed to take her home and figure out how the fuck to raise her. All of a sudden, we were responsible for another person!

Murphy’s wife will have plenty of time alone with her baby while her husband is on the road playing ball.

Yes, he makes almost $6 million dollars a year and can hire a nurse or nanny, but that’s not the same as having dad there.

That he gave the three days that he could to her and his new baby should be applauded, not ridiculed.

While Murphy is a major league ballplayer, at the end of the day, he’s just a dude, like me. He’s a dude with more money than me, yes, but he’s a new dad just like millions of other men have been before him. He has the same concerns and issues that we all do as new dads.

Boomer Esiason is also just a dude like me. Yes, he’s also a dude with more money than me, but still just a dude. He talks out his ass for a living now. His words don’t mean squat more than if some homeless man on the street had said the same thing. They shouldn’t anyway. He’s no expert on anything parenting related, so take what he said for what it is, an opinion based on nothing more than his own limited experiences. His conjecture about the C-section his wife would have agreed to is nothing more than bullshit machismo for the sake of the NY area numbnuts who listen to sports radio.

He knows as much about what’s best for new parents as Oprah Winfrey does about what’s best for newlyweds. Oprah is always giving advice about marriage and, you know what? SHE’S NEVER FUCKING BEEN MARRIED!!!

You shouldn’t get to talk about shit like that unless you’ve experienced it for at least five minutes.

She hasn’t, but people are still enamored with her opinions because she’s rich and famous.

Rich, famous people are just people, people. Don’t give them more credit than they deserve.

They aren’t the big deal that so many people seem to think they are, people other than me, of course.


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. Today’s sentence, I never understood what the big deal was about… is brought to you by the lovely Katia, of I am The Milk Show her some love on her site.

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89 Responses to Famous people opinions are also just like assholes…

  1. REDdog says:

    You said it Don, there’s little else that will wrinkle your smooth day faster than listening to some sports peanut wax lyrical about how everyone else should run their lives…especially when it’s not how they’ve run theirs. Can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em…not allowed. It’s not really opinionated to have an opinion on some opinionated arseholes fucked up opinion, is it?

  2. Great post, Don! This should be in the HuffPo or something. Really good. I saw a teaser on a BlogHer email about this topic and I thought, Whatever, they’re just trying to get me riled up, and I ignored it. Had no clue what it was about. I like that you look at both sides and give Boomer credit for the good he’s done in spite of recent stupid statements. Great article!

  3. markbialczak says:

    Whoever thinks that Daniel Murphy was wrong to be with his wife and baby was wrong in any way is being dumb, Don. I blogged about this today, too. First kid, second kid, third kid, any kid. The birth of you child beats any professional sports job. You are also right about putting too much stock in celebrities’ opinions on stuff they have no depth in. Good to see you writing today. I listen to everything you preach as if you’re famous, man.

    • Thanks, Mark! Glad to have you on my side, sir. I like to talk out my ass too, so I get it. He just needs to remember that people are actually listening to him.

      • markbialczak says:

        I know. I was embarrassed for Boomer, we both being Maryland Terps and all … You and I both can get going verbally after Bud Light Limes, I’m sure, Don. Isn’t it fun to be King of the World … then the wife gives the palms-down, lower-the-bombast gesture. Am I right or what?

  4. Well said, Don. I haven’t paid much attention to this story until now. I’m so tired of people putting stock into what “celebrities” say. When Murphy gets injured or gets cut or can no longer make the stats, that kid is still going to be around, but his team won’t be. He should be commended for putting his family first. He just earned a new fan. I just need to go see what team he plays for now. (Not a MLB fan…talk to me about the NFL, and I’m your girl.)

    So does this mean you’re back to being a non virgin again?

    • I’ve been trying to write so I can hang out with you guys for weeks, but it just wasn’t working out. whatever, it happens. Anyway, Tony Romo sucks. Should we start there? Lol.

      • Tony Romo does not suck…that bad. He just doesn’t have any protection. He never gets to set his feet and pass. He’s always on the run b/c his line fucking hates him and wants him to get smashed.

  5. djmatticus says:

    Who said what now?
    I like TD’s rant about this Boomer person, but, you are right, we shouldn’t really be putting any stock in what they say anyway.

  6. Paul says:

    Well said Don!

  7. A-freaking-men! We’re all just human. Great post.

  8. Koa says:

    True. Dat. Great post.

  9. Amber Perea says:

    I actually caught a post in the reader for once (I suck, I’m lazy) and I have to say…you’re still killing it. You really are a fantastic writer.

    • Yay, an Amber siting!!! How the fuck are you?

      • Amber Perea says:

        Couldn’t be better. Jp is awesome, I’m awesome…life is good. It’s why I’m in and out. Just don’t have much drama to share these days? $ still keeping y’all on your toes?

        FB friends?

      • Oh yeah, nothing has changed in that respect. That’s good news about the boy! Are you asking if I have any FB friends or if I’d like to be FB friends with you? Lol. yes to both.

      • Amber Perea says:

        Whatta douche! Thanks for making me feel like the girl asking a dude to Sadie Hawkins. 😉 And you look me up. Cause I can guarantee a white girl first name and Mexican last name is easier than Don-white-as-all-of-Alabama is. 😉

  10. barbtaub says:

    Dan Murphy will (hopefully) get to play in lots of games. He only got to see that baby be born once. Clearly, Dan knows about commitment, and he made a mature call as an athlete, a teammate, and a man.

    Boomer presumably also knows about commitment. Too bad he embarrassed himself, his wife, and his “team” by forgetting what it really means. (And dear God, do I really have to call a grown man “Boomer”? Do we suppose his mother refers to him that way?)

    But the thing that impresses me, as always, is how much you know about it Don. You just keep growing in my eyes.

    • Boomer, right? Lol. Who lets himself be called that? Awe, you’re always so nice to me, Barb. It’s almost like I owe you money or something. I’m sure it was hard for Murphy to miss any games because he’s a good teammate, but he did the right thing. That it’s even up for debate is silly.

  11. mistyslaws says:

    It just makes me sad for his wife and kids. The fact that he would say that, and presumably believe it, is just preposterous. He also said that the most important thing should be Dan Murphy’s TEAM. His team. NOT his wife and newborn baby boy. Because, obviously he should have forced his wife to schedule an unnecessary and dangerous surgery so that he wouldn’t miss playing a baseball game, which is just his job. Shameful, is what it is. And while, yes, Boomer is just people, he is people with a big mouth and loud voice broadcasting his idiotic views to millions of people, with his psuedo sports expertise. It matters, the things he says, because so many people hear him and possibly respect him. Just a guy, but more influential than you or me. That’s where it becomes a problem.

    • You go, Misty! You’re absolutely right though; people with audiences need to be careful about what they say. Now we’ll have a bunch of sport fanatic numbnuts trying to force their wives to have early, unneeded C-sections so that they don’t miss happy hour or some shit like that. Lol.

  12. findingninee says:

    You’re back! Yay, happy dance, you’re back! And what a stupid fucking thing to say – to schedule a c-section before baseball season starts? Isn’t baseball season really long too? What a moron. It was nice of you to also address the good he’s done but I agree. Celebrities are just people and I love that the baseball guy took time off to see his first child born. He’s being a person, a husband, and a dad, first, which is exactly how it should be.
    Glad you’re back, no-longer-a-virgin-boy!

    • 162 games! The funny thing is that this guy played in 160 or maybe even 161 last season, so it’s not like he’s a slacker. It’s good to be back. I’ve tried to be back several times now, but it just wasn’t working out.

  13. Dads Can says:

    Maybe, although unitentionally, This Boomer chaps comments are a good thing, it brings the role of fathers and paternity leave to the fore. Fathers/expectant fathers will see how supportive most people are about taking paternity leave, and take it, all of it- if thats whats right for their particular situation.
    More dads taking it and talking about it will help others who are thinking about the birth of their child(ren).
    I was reading a post about businesses who allow more than the stated amount of paternity leave for their employees, with the benefits being that this will become (ahem) ‘normalized’.
    The more businesses following suit, and men taking full advantage should help change the outdated view held by some that women should be left to get on with it and the dad should continue to bring home the bacon.
    And as for missing a GAME, after all thats what it is, however well paid one is for doing it, it’s laughable.
    Here in the UK we hear all the time about soccer players missing important games because they are with their wife who is clode to giving birth, nothing is made of it, if anything it is congratualated, commentators pass on their best and return to game analysis. As it should be.
    Good post- keep it up. Dads Can

    • Boomer played in the NFL where there are 16 games so each one is more important than a baseball game, which is part of a 162 game season. Either way though, a husband should be there for his wife any time she has to be in the hospital for something, whether it be to give birth or have her gall bladder removed, etc. That’s what spouses do! Anyway, you’re right, that it’s at least being discussed, and that most people are in support of Mr. Murphy’s decision, is a good thing. Thanks for the read!

  14. Nadia says:

    Word. Boomer carries no more credit than the dickhead who told me in a training session how unfair it is that breastfeeding mothers get time off to pump their breasts or feed their babies. All ignorance and shit stirring.

    And by the way, I’m having another wine for no other reason than YOU’RE BACK BUDDY!

    • Lol. YAY that you’re drinking more wine on my account, Nadia! You rock. I did used to demand second hand smoke breaks when I was a bartender because the manager let all the other servers and bar tenders take smoke breaks. He’s all, but you don’t smoke. You’re missing the point, dick! Lol. I was like an activist or something like that.

  15. rynolexson says:

    I love when dad’s think their job as a parent is just as important as a mother’s. There are not a lot of guys like you Don-i loved this whole post.
    Boner or Boomer, whatever his name is, can go jump off a bridge. What an idiot. This is why I hate how America glorifies athletes because they are all idiots who make way too much money.
    Anyways, glad you are back, I have missed your DOAT perspective.

    • Awe, you’re being nice to me and stuff. A dad’s job should be as important as mom’s job since it’s the same job, right? Both people trying to raise a mostly non-imbecile until it can leave to be on its own. Thanks, Ryan! Girl Ryan!

  16. Twindaddy says:

    Boomer’s always had harsh opinions that I put absolutely zero stock in, but the fact that he made his comments public gives me the right to respond and say with a douchewaffle he is…which I did.

    As for why people place so much value in the opinions of those who are famous…you got me there. I have no idea. It makes no sense.

    • I can’t even listen to sports radio, ever. I hate it. Too much bragging and not enough respect for the opinions of others. Douchewaffle, however, is something I think we can all agree is a wonderful word.

      • Twindaddy says:

        I don’t listen to it either. I can form my own opinions from the facts. I just happened to see this because of the audacity of the comments.

  17. Carrie Rubin says:

    Rich, poor, famous, or not, everybody poos. And nobody’s poo is better than anyone else’s. At least that’s my sophisticated motto.

    You write so well, DOAT. An easy style that’s a pleasure to read.

    • Everybody poos!!!! Lol! You’re the best, Doctor Rubin! I meant to reply to this on Friday because I wanted to tell you that your compliment about my writing really meant a lot to me. For real, it made me happy so, thanks for that!

  18. totally agree with what you said regarding the opinions offered by that sports guy about that other sports guy (you clarks out there already know where I’m going with this), any normal person would (also) agree with you. Because you are absolutely correct.
    …the thing is, the first sports guy is absolutely right to say what he said about the other guy, because he wants to stay a celebrity. Celebrities are the superior life form in our culture because more people talk about them than…. oh I don’t know, … Don or Clark or Kristi… sine qua non, y’all (I loves to use semi-correct latin phrases).
    so I guess I will have to agree, the people who are celebrities are what they are because we want them to be…just like they are.
    ya know what I mean?

  19. Kevin says:

    I haven’t been around for any of my kids’ bitches because I thought it was way more important to be sinking with my bros and hanging with my hoes. I did lift my glass in their honor. Thank God, I have five mothers to take care of those brats and when they end up in jail or has meth whores, I can blame it on their mothers and not my lack of being around. Yeah!!! But on a more serious note, where’s the free beer you promised me for commenting? Great post by the way!!

    • Hahahaha, thanks, Kevin. You’re right to place the blame for horrible parenting on the mothers and wait to be involved until the kid starts to show some success or potential. Then you enter their life and show them that you’ve loved them all along. Beer? I’m always for beer, sir. Did I promise some when I was drunk on some recently?

  20. Kat says:

    I love your writing on this topic and while, it is true people put way too much weight on the opinions of famous people, the reason he is getting blasted for it is not just because it is ignorant but also because he has an actual platform from which to spew his opinions. That homeless man’s opinions fall on deaf ears while his reach an actual audience. Not just that but if no one spoke up to acknowledge how ridiculous his comments were then we would have missed an opportunity to possibly educate some people, including Boomer. No, we don’t need to run out and grab our pitchforks, but we do need to make sure that he, and anyone listening to him, understands just how wrong he is.

    • You’re absolutely right about the platform for celebrities. It makes it too easy for them to get their opinions across, which is fine, until their opinion is shown to be ignorant. I’m looking at you, Jennifer McCarthy! Thank you for reading and commenting.

  21. What kind of name is Boomer anyway?

  22. Katia says:

    I loved this, Don! Setting aside my bewilderment regarding the name Boomer, I totally agree with the point you’re making and I so LOVE your level-headed approach. Not ripping Boomer’s head off (even though we both agree that his argument was completely idiotic) but respectfully pointing out his accomplishments and using that to leverage your point. Why do I feel like I got all teachery-essay-ey-gradingey? 😀 That was an awesome, awesome opinion piece. And so true. I was completely overwhelmed before even setting foot outside the hospital when they had just left Ben with me the first night and I went “are they FUCKING insane?”. I said that with my inner voice.

    • You did get teachery! You used words that make me feel good about myself even though you’re giving me a c+ on my paper! Lol. The whole experience at the hospital and the few days after needs to be shared by both parents. It’s not even an argument, honestly.

  23. Piper George says:

    Ha – excellent and so very true. Why do we care what people we have never even met say, or feel that it is some kind of judgement/reflection on how we live? He is just some bloke who, I assume, plays well (no idea who this dude is). I don’t listen to myself, so no point in listening to someone I don’t even know!

  24. JayNine says:

    Don, wow wow wow… You Sir, are a ‘hard act to follow’. I admire you so much. I haven’t been blogging on my own blog lately but I’ve Ben on the sidelines reading and learning. I enjoy reading your opinions and family life tales every time I get the chance. Your posts are like a seven course meal makes a person feel: satisfied 😀 You’ve got it Sir! Thank you for sharing your relevant thoughts with the blogosphere. It’s a better place because you’re in it! I hope I will get the chance to post again soon. Until then I’ll keep visiting and look forward to more from you. For now, I’m going to do some homework as to how to get on to participating in this Fruday Sentence Finishing deal! Thanks again, Jeanine

    • Awe, you’re so sweet. You should totally hook up with us!! The easiest way is to probably find that page on Facebook. Do it!!! Hope you’re doing well! You are, right?!

  25. You’ve been missed! And Boomer is a fucking idiot – although you shed light on a wonderful cause he supports – saying what he did was a dis to his wife and kids. And ‘normal’ people do put way too much stock in what celebrities say. Cheers to your BLL!

    • Thank you CBXB! You rock hard! I do wonder what his wife had to say about that. She was probably like, “You go back on the air tomorrow and tell them people that I said that you most certainly had no say in when I was spitting this baby out or how!” Lol.

  26. I think sometimes what happens is famous people get a taste of fame, they get in the spotlight, and that is only temporary because the spotlight is always moving (just like the eye in Lord of the Rings). And when they see the spotlight leaving, or they realize it already left, they become so desperate for it to return that they resort to saying something stupid to get it back on them, much like how a kid will knock over a bookshelf full of books and plants in dirt that you just watered to get a parent’s attention. Negative attention is better than no attention. I’ve seen bloggers do it. Radio hosts. Actors. Politicians…. The sad thing is, the sheeple frequently agree with them just because they are who they are. It’s like they’d rather go with whatever whoever says than think about it for themselves, and people like you and me, people who DO think for themselves, make it worse because we argue with it because it’s wrong. Knowing that, we still can’t resist because we are fighting the stupidity in hopes to save the world from the stupid. Thinkers unite!

    • Lol, yeah, I tried to resist saying anything about this, but I just couldn’t!! I’m part of the problem for sure! Fighting stupid sounds like it’s a full time job. We maybe need a cool name for our superhero team and then some capes! I love capes!

  27. ruchira says:

    I think since these guys made it to the top..their opinions matter but honestly I don’t give a crap…lol

    Listen to the heart!!


  28. Karen says:

    stands up and applauds!!!! Well said! I totally agree with you. I can’t stand unsolicited or ignorant advice. Don’t tell me what to do, ever. so following your blog now.

  29. Kerri says:

    THANK YOU!!!! This is a common theme in our house when “famous” people are dispensing unneeded advice.

    • It’s one thing to tell me what brand of shampoo I should be using, but I’m drawing the line at listening to you tell me about what’s best practice about who gives birth when and why so I don’t miss any work since I’m a man and my job is so important. Or something like that. Lol.

  30. Theresa says:

    in my house, whenever we hear of a “celebrity” making stupid comments, the consenses is “Who gives a fuck?” and we change the channel. There just isnt enough time in the day to sort all that crap out. A birth comes one time ONE TIME but baseball will last forever….get your priorities right idiot….maybe boomer needs to retire. Love you Don….you da man. Missed you…..

    • I think I’m most impressed that you’re able to reach a consensus in your house! How does that happen?! Lol. Thank you, Theresa! He did retire from football, and that’s the problem! Now he talks about stuff and that’s worse!

  31. Tarana Khan says:

    And all I’m thinking is – three days? The guy just became a father! And it’s true about celebrities giving advice about things they know nothing about – we shouldn’t pay any attention to them.

  32. Maggie O'C says:

    Don, I like your blog because it saves me time reading about what’s going on in the world, or at least what’s going on in the world according my home page.

    Can you write something about what a dumb self-involved uncoupled princess Gwyneth Paltrow is?

    • Lol, our mutual love of being lazy is part of our bond, Mags. Uncoupling? is that like divorcing or some shit? I may Google this and do it since she’s sort of hot, right? Which one is she again?

      • Maggie O'C says:

        Oh Don! Run the Google. She is such an asshat. And yes, she called her upcoming divorce “conscious uncoupling”. I don’t know if she needs the corncob removed from her ass or another one shoved up there.

  33. 1jaded1 says:

    Welcome back! Well written. What annoyed me is the comment about the C section. Famous or not, it was uncalled for.

    A bit more than one more week and our teams will be facing off! Whoo hoo…*coughletsgoredwingscough*

    • Thank you, ma’am! Yeah, the c-section bit was the deal breaker. I’m sure his wife wasn’t too keen on hearing that either.

      Yeah, the Blues are going to trounce the Wings finally! bwahahahahaha! Then probably choke in the playoffs as is their way. Lol. Looking forward to it!

  34. mrshate says:

    This is why I love reading People magazine…to see what the celebrities say about World Hunger and The Environment and Peace and The Economy so that I can be amazed and impressed and generally awe-struck at their brilliance.
    Did the sarcasm come through?? Sure hope so. If you’re an actor celebrity, just act (hopefully you’re a good actor). If you’re a Kardashian or Paris Hilton (back in the day), just go be quiet and invisible.

    • Lol, yes, the sarcasm came through loud and clear! People with more money than brains are dangerous. Those awful women should go be rich and invisible for sure. I know I would! thank you..

  35. I was aghast when I read it. I really was. People!

    • It was pretty aghasting. I mean a c section so that you don’t miss work? Lol. I can almost feel my wife’s fist breaking my teeth just thinking about saying that out loud.

  36. Kerith Stull says:

    Amen! I mean seriously…why do people care what famous think about things any more than anyone else. Sheez. I don’t get it either. (Visiting from FTSF)

  37. Stephanie Sprenger says:

    Hell. Yes. I love that you wrote about this- welcome back! I couldn’t agree more.

  38. Words from a true DADDY at heart!! I couldn’t agree more.

  39. Laura Lynn says:

    Really?! Only 3 days? It doesn’t seem like much. I think, as you said, that just because someone is famous or rich, it doesn’t necessarily entitle them to an opinion I need to listen to. In fact, I would go so far as to say, hardly anyone in the world has an opinion I need to listen to. Except Mom. For the most part I form opinions based on all kinds of things-was I drunk? Does it taste good? Is he cute? Was there a kitty involved? You know, important things.

  40. mollytopia says:

    What a total jackASS. Naturally since I don’t follow any sports I hadn’t heard about this, but you’re exactly right about this situation, AND about the fact that people should limit their opinions and advice to topics they’ve personally experienced. Side note on Oprah: she’s doing a Life your Best Life tour – it only costs $600 for a ticket. This amazes and perplexes me.

  41. Claire says:

    Totally agree – it was an idiotic thing to say, but I’ve never understood why people get their knickers in a twist over the idiotic things famous people say. Politicians, sure, you kind of expect them to have a clue, and if people are actually talking in a professional capacity they should face the consequences if they say something out of order (I’m thinking of a sportscaster in the UK a few years ago who made sexist comments about a female referee) – but a random actor or musician shooting their mouth off? Roll your eyes and move on.

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