The writer’s life – blog tour…

Remember when we used to pretty regularly get Liebster Awards and Sunshine Awards and Dragon Something or Other Awards and Versatile Blogger Awards and Inspiring Blogger Awards and Donofalltradesisthebiggestassholeiknow Awards and what not?

Well I do. I always really sucked at appreciating those awards because they were almost exclusively for newer bloggers and when I was brand new, I was obsessed with trying to write at least twice a week and reading everyone I followed’s blog as well.

It became stressful trying to keep up with just the writing and the reading, so the awards almost always fell to the wayside and I’ve always felt like an unappreciative dickhole for never responding to most of them.

Part of that as well, was that I had a small clique of blogger who followed me, and who I followed, and I never wanted to leave anybody out. It was a strange dynamic, that whole new blogger thing. It was so much easier to just stare at my empty reader waiting for my friend Canadian or Amber or Merideth or Tric to post. Unfortunately, I finally learned that in order to get followers, one had to find other blogs to read, and comment on those blogs, so I did. I always enjoyed commenting on other blogs, and I still do, when I have the chance.

Anyway, one of the people who made me feel like a real dickhole for not playing along was nice guy Mark. He’s nominated me for several awards in the past, and I’m not sure that I’ve ever been able to get to a single one of them.

Because of that, I promised myself that I would participate in this latest, well not an award thing, but he tagged me in something, and I will play along!

I’m off to read it now, so standby.




Still reading.


And fuck, it’s a writing related thing.

I have to answer four questions that reflect how I tackle this whole writing thing and then tag a couple of bloggers myself to carry the torch forward, so to speak.

Well, I’ll start by thanking Mark for being such a great guy. He just showed up one day many months ago in my comments section and has been there for every post since. He’s an accomplished writer and journalist by trade, so why he reads my blog is beyond me. It’s maybe to help him feel better about his own life, or because we both enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of a cold Bud Light Lime. Either way, he’s one hellavu super nice guy and you should go check him out, if you don’t know who he is already.

Like me, he’s a bit of an “all trades” sort of blogger in that he writes about a variety of topics, from sports to movies to how many fountains he can count while eating his ham sandwich for lunch.

Riveting sounding stuff, right!??

Anyway, let’s do this.

1. What am I working on now?

Well, I’m working hardest on this fourth Bud Light Lime. I just got home from work about a half hour ago and it’s well after midnight. For some reason, the beers aren’t going down as smoothly as….oh, wait, WRITING!! What am I working on with respect to my writing was the question! Got it.

Well, I am writing this post and I have over 70 draft posts started that I’m sure I’ll never finish. I don’t know how others do it, but if I can’t write a post in one sitting, I lose interest in it and never go back to finish it. That’s sort of how I am with home improvement projects that take longer than a day to do as well. I just don’t have the attention span or something to work on things for days and days.

I did start a book not to long ago. Writing one, that is. I was inspired by reading my online friend Dr. Carrie Rubin’s Seneca Scourge, which, although it didn’t have a whole lot of sex (i.e. none) between the main character, Sidney or Sydney, I can’t recall, and any other character, was still pretty good. If a doctor with kids of her own to raise can blog and find time to write a book, then I figured I could as well.

When I say I started writing a book, I wrote about three or four pages five months ago and haven’t revisited it since. I will do that when I finish this post though because I’m intrigued to read it all of a sudden. It’s a police related book, because that’s what I know without having to do much research because, lazy.

 2. How does my work differ from others in the genre?

Oh boy, I don’t know what this means.

I like to think that my writing style is really easy for folks to read. I sort of write what comes to my mind and I write the same way I talk, if that makes any sense.

My blog started out as a humor blog, but it’s veered way off that track from time to time to also be serious and occasionally touching, I think. I struggled with posting sappy things on my blog at first, but some of that stuff has been well recieved, and of course, the time I was Freshly Pressed, it was for a way not funny, serious post, so I got a bunch of readers with that and immediately lost them when I went back to saying things like fuck and fat and my kids are dicks so, whatever.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I write whatever I feel like writing when the urge hits me. It’s hard for me to force myself to write something, so I generally write based on my mood. If the writing bug hits me when I’m feeling happy, then I’ll write a happy, funny post. When I’m pissy and the urge to write strikes, I’ll write something snarky and scathing about whatever I want to, and when I’m feeling melancholy, I’ll write something sad because it’s sort of cathartic to me. There’s no real rhyme or reason to why I write what I do, and I hope that’s part of why some people read my crap. They never know what they’re going to get.

4. How does my writing process work?

For Paul...part of the process

For Paul…part of the process

With three kids and three jobs, oh, and a beautiful wife to try to spend time with, writing has fallen to the back burner a little bit. I was so hell bent on writing posts for a while, that I would feel guilty being in one room writing while my family was in another room doing whatever, because I knew there were so many things we could be doing together. I think Wife may have even called me on it a couple of times. I’ve learned to let go of the blogging aspect of blogging and just focus on the writing. I can’t keep up with the Twitters and Facebook and Pinterest and there are so many places these bloggers are doing things my head wants to explode!!!!! I do that stuff when I can and try not to let it get to me.

As for my writing, since I’ve been moved to rotating shifts, almost all of my writing is done on the couch when I get home at midnight. I’ll put the laptop in my lap, open a beer and see if anything comes to me. If it does, I write for an hour or so to knock out a post, but if it doesn’t, I don’t force it. I don’t write down notes or observations or outline or any of that. I just sit down and write about something as though we were talking about it in a bar.

I do want to try to write a book some day, so I know I’ll have to be more organized and take some notes and research and blah blah blah, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Actually, a good start will be for me to tag the aforementioned Carrie Rubin to take part in this tour! Carrie’s blog is called The Write Transition. See what she did there? She is a pediatrician and a writer, so I find her fascinating, in spite of her Prius ownership. Her first book, Seneca Scourge, was a really good medical thriller. You don’t have to be a doctor to follow the story because it’s well written and fascinating enough that us lay people can enjoy it. I mean, I really don’t read that many books, so for me to finish this as quickly as I did…..go read it! The book is available on Kindle, so if Dr. Carrie plays along, then you should totally buy her book. Don’t buy it if she claims to be too busy and doesn’t do this though.

The next blogger I’m going to tag is my friend Scott over at Snoozing on the Sofa. He was really one of the first male and a dad to boot, bloggers that I liked. Scott has three kids just like me, so we share a common pain in our soul from sleep deprivation and constant in your face contact with people under 10. He has three boys, so the wrestling and poop talk is no doubt constant. He’d never admit that he wants to chuck his out the window from time to time, but I just said it for him. His boys are funny and cute, and I enjoy reading what his clan has been up to just like I know you will, so go check him out.

Okay you two, tell us about your writing process. I did it and I’m not really a writer, so go!

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26 Responses to The writer’s life – blog tour…

  1. Paul says:

    Well done Don. But we need some selfies of you with a Bud Light Lime frowning over the laptop as the creative juices flow. Or headed to the can with that preoccupied look on your face – the look of a great writer creating in his head – unable to stop even though your body makes demands. And then back on the couch with a new Bud Lite Lime – your stubby fingers pounding the keyboard..

    • Lol, why do they have to be stubby? I get the BLL three at a time from the garage fridge to save me trips. I wish that were a lie. Where is your blog, Paul? I’d read it with haste!

      • Paul says:

        You don’t strike me as the kind of guy who has those long, thin, delicate, piano player fingers Don. Course I could be wrong – you got skinny fingers? Ha!.My old laptop is too old to open a blog – not enough memory or computing power – I tried. Saving up for a new one and then I’ll have a blog warming party – you’ll get your invite Don!

      • I look forward to it. They’re not long, but not fat either. Get a laptop for god’s sake, they’re not that expensive anymore. And here’s your damn picture! Oh and thank you as always for reading. lol.

      • Paul says:

        Ha! Thanks Don! Great Picture!

  2. Omg, lol, so Prius owners are universal? I thought they were specific to CA! Lol. I totally get “writing how you speak” I usually have to proof my text, a few times, especially when Siri is “helping” me! Hate her! It is hard to juggle work, family and personal time, we only have one go at life, make every moment count!! Have a great weekend!!

    NIBSIH!! 😎

  3. Nadia says:

    You have been posting more often lately, yay, and I’m always excited to read your posts, Don. Now you can die a happy man, no?

    My own writing process is like this: stare at laptop, open Facebook, write a sentence, check my phone, write some more, delete half, open the fridge. Repeat.

  4. barbtaub says:

    Nicely tagged!

    Don, you know I think you’re a terrific writer—entertaining, often deeply moving, and funny as a roomful of 12-year-old boys at a safe sex talk. Bud Light should really be a corporate sponsor of your blog. But seriously… don’t be making yourself think that you’re on some schedule to pop out books. You have a life and you share that generously with all of us. Eventually, it will be time to share your books too. I can wait. (Well, not forever because I’m really old, but meanwhile I have your blog, and—if I get desperate—BLL.)

    PS: I agree with you about Mark. He’s the best and I wish him luck back in corporate-land.

    • Oh Barb, you always make me swoon with your lovely, thoughtful comments. You’re not old, but you will be by the time I ever get around to writing a book, I fear. Maybe your daughter can read it to us together in the home while we’re drooling on our chins?

  5. Learning the hard way says:

    Don, you’re a bloody legend!

  6. markbialczak says:

    Great job taking and giving the tag, Don. I’d say that I’m sorry for guilting you into it, but hey, that would make people think I’m a nice guy or something …

    I tagged you on this here tour because despite all of your protestations about it, you surely are a writer, Don. And you proved it again. A writer writes, sits down with a beer and the laptop and types out what’s on the mind, and makes it so interesting that we all can’t wait to read it.

    Way to go.

  7. Carrie Rubin says:

    Ha, you’re hitting me with the guilt trip, huh? Well played, well played, Mr. Police Man! I’ve ran from this blog tag many times already, but it looks like I can’t avoid it much longer. Thanks so much for the book plug though. It was a very nice surprise to find given my current situation with my mom’s health. Made my morning, so thank you!! And you’ll be happy to know, I no longer drive a Prius. Though I still have a hybrid…

  8. Don … As a result of Mark Bialczak’s urging, I visited your blog and found it to be very enjoyable. You are fun – fueled or not by BLL – and I enjoy your stories. I also dance around from topic to topic, depending on my mood. A book? Like you, I am working on one – set it down after 3 pages. Now, I know I must stop dawdling and get back to it. Loved your post. 😉

  9. I’m all over this, Don. So all over it, in fact, that I did it a couple of months ago. I love it when the homework is already done before I get the assignment. If you want to know how I answered the questions (and why on Earth wouldn’t you?), all is revealed here:
    I do love getting linked to by the popular kids, so I truly appreciate you thinking of me on this one. And I will always cherish the knowledge that I was your first man-blogger-love.

  10. goldfish says:

    I thought I was the only one with 70 plus drafts. High five.

  11. jgroeber says:

    What would you have done without blogging? Like, where would all these ideas have ended up? Would you have been the funniest guy at the pub? Or in the break room? Or in the donut shop? Wait, is that a stereotype? Would you just be telling your stories all day to whoever would listen? Because I’m glad you write it and post it for the rest of us to read. I laugh out loud. And I never write words like shit or dick or douch-baggery (I think I typed that last one in a comment last week, actually…)
    (Also, on writing, I write things on my phone like, “CHildren are the monster of invention, Cabot sleeping” at stop lights and while tailgating. Then later I see if I can understand what I meant and if I can build a blog out of it. Wait. Would I get a ticket for that? I think I’d get a ticket for that. Forget I wrote this whole comment.)

  12. gimpet says:

    Don, you are an Original, a St Louis Icon. This blog is important to me, not just because it makes my day, but because you aren’t afraid to talk about anything peppered with fuck in the places where fuck needs to be placed. A gift my friend. And one I am afraid to implement on my blog, so I bow to your cojones (BTW, I couldn’t figure out how to spell it so I put “coh” in google and it came up. Google is my god.) You have a writing gift, your style is the most readable of the blogs I follow, meaning that you can reach a large audience and not put 90% of them to sleep! I would LOVE to read a book from you someday, and I hope you can realize this dream. I think your best stuff does flow directly either from your heart or your ass, and finding what works for you as a writer is the foundation of writing greatness! Keep moving forward!

  13. I think your blog still falls into the humor category, even though you do get us with your serious, heart tugging stories from time to time – which we love (as I like to speak on behalf of your entire audience. I can though because I have a big mouth).

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