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Eh, it’s a late to the party post mostly about 2014 goals.

The other day, I wasted a good half an hour putting together a post that sort of summed up our Christmas break and rehashed my life in 2013. I was going through each month, sort of reliving my life through … Continue reading

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A pretty special guy…

He was was a grown man, but he was short, even compared to the teens, preteens and little kids who surrounded him as I observed what he was doing. Though he was short, he was thickly built, with muscled arms … Continue reading

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Christmas lights and other crap…yeah, it’s one of my pointless posts…

I took off from work today for no particular reason. Ace had a strings recital (she takes violin in school though I’ve heard her practice it at home exactly twice in the two years she’s had it) in the cafeteria … Continue reading

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Christmas lies just around the bend…

As per usual, I did not write a post for this Finish The Sentence Friday crowd in time to post it when it went live last night, and decided instead to kill 12 minutes at work doing it. Yay for … Continue reading

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The buddhists are ruining christmas for christians…

I have no desire to criticize my daughter’s orthodontist because he’s my wife’s cousin and he put my daughter in a set of braces for a price that can’t be beat. Her teeth were all over the place when he … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas underprivileged upper-middle or lower upper class family!

Christmas is the time for giving!  From time to time, I like to throw my pocket change (not quarters though!) into the bucket of the Salvation Army bell ringer and scoff at those who walk by giving nothing as though … Continue reading

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We’ll shelve this elf yet…

In a somewhat fitting aside to yesterday’s blogged about nonsense, Ace went and lost a tooth at school.  In addition to her unwavering faith in Santa Claus, she still expects the tooth fairy to leave some jack under her pillow … Continue reading

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Christmas…we’re sorry jesus.

Christmas used to be a kickass time of the year to me.  All year long I was mostly well behaved enough that I knew Santa was going to come and leave me some booty under the tree. I was always good enough … Continue reading

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