Random stuff as it comes to me brain…

Oh my goodness, let’s write a post!

I’m so excited about all the great blog posts I’ve been reading that I want to take part, unfortunately, I ain’t got shit to say that makes sense to anyone about anything important, so it’s random crap time again!

It was 12:14 AM when I got home from work tonight and I was hungry for something sort of good for me so….hello big salad!

Of course it's healthy; it's a fucking salad.

Of course it’s healthy; it’s a fucking salad.

I’m on a bit of a salad kick at home for some reason. Salads and watermelon. Is watermelon good for you? I hope so, because I’ve eaten about seven of them this month already. They’ve been so good.

Anyway, back to the salad. It had about 48 pounds of meat and cheese and other cheeses and some olives for color or something like that. It was good as fuck, whatever that means.

Now it’s 1:20 AM and this is as far as I’ve gotten on this post because I’m about ready to upchuck the big salad all over the dog laying on the floor in front of me. Is it laying or is she lying on the ground? Lieing? No, not the last one for sure.

SportsCenter is making me nauseous because they’ve talked about LeBron James and the NBA for about 89% of this show. Who the fuck cares about the NBA during the season, let alone when it’s the off season? Come on, fellas, let’s talk about soccer or competitive eating or bowling or watching the grass grow, anything but the NBA.

These home made salads are pretty good (you’re totally thinking, “fuck Don, enough with the salads already, aren’t you?), they’re a take on my favorite salad, which come from a chain joint in St. Louis called The Pasta House. The Italian in me is ashamed, but hey, a heart, er stomach, loves what it loves.

The problem with eating out, aside from having negative zeroteen dollars to spend on dinner out, is that this is how I spend most of my restaurant experience these days.

Yay, we're eating out!!

Yay, we’re eating out!!

Hmmm, I just recalled that I bitched about this here already, so I’ll digress.

The boys and I have all become fond of getting our hair cut together. It’s our thing now, so whenever I get our coupons, we’re off to whichever discount hair joint is the cheapest. This week, it was Fantastic Sam’s, which is totally fantastic, if you don’t give two shits what you look like when you leave, like me. I’m middle aged and married, who do I have to impress, right?

Gman asked for a Mohawk when the woman asked me how to cut his hair. A Mohawk? I didn’t even know he knew what a Mohawk was, but hey, whatever he wants is fine with me. It’s his head. Cool, on the other hand, is very conservative with everything, ESPECIALLY his hair cut. He wants no part of any zaniness. He’s like an 80 year old man in a five year old’s body.

Handsome little devils, just like daddy.

Handsome little devils, just like daddy.

They both look pretty good, mustard stains aside, right? I don’t know what Gman is doing fondling his brother, so don’t ask.

Oh, Jojo got a hair cut too!



That’s actually on the way to the groomer now that I look at it. Poor dog is 13 years old so I always worry that every car ride will be her last, so I take a picture every time. Is that morbid? Whatever.

What else?

I’m waiting to hear whether or not I get moved at work again, so there’s that. Somebody told me that it was going to happen, but that was nearly a month ago so I’m not holding my breath. I don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll not say anything more. Suffice to say, should it happen, I’ll let all 23 of you peeps know all about it. It’s not any more money than I make now though, so don’t be soliciting me or sending your kids to my house with cookies or whatever. I’ll still be broke, just broke and working more regular hours again.

Do you ever wish you could step out of your body and hang out with yourself because you’re so cool and fun and awesome?


Oh, me neither then, duh.

But I am totally fun and I’m jealous of everyone who gets to hang out with me.

Look how much fun Gman is having. His face says, “WOW, THIS GUY IS FUN AS FUCK!”


WHOOOOO!!!!! And some snot too I think.

Well crap, I don’t have any beer in the fridge so there’s no reason for me to stay up any later.

I just remembered that I owe good blogger friend Mark a post, so I’ll tackle that one next time instead of typing this random bullshit.


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39 Responses to Random stuff as it comes to me brain…

  1. Nadia says:

    Pics? Absolutely adorable. Your little guys too.

  2. Mike says:

    LOL…great post as always, Don! I like salads too…just the way you made yours! Gman and Cool look as awesome as ever and great haircut story. Good luck on the work stuff and if/if not being reassigned. Definitely continue to take pics of Jojo…you know I feel you there. You might consider letting her ride shotgun sometimes! Oh watermelon…I’m 5 years old and I ask my bio mom what the black seeds are for? She says honey, “those are what make babies!” Don’t know if that’s why she left (forever) a year later but I didn’t touch watermelon for 20 years! Oh the things we can say to kids, huh? Hey bud…one request on your random posts. More often please!! Thank you, your buddies Mike and Phoenix in Reno 🙂 Be safe always please…

    • I know you and your dog feelings, yessir. That’s how I know you’re good people. Jojo has a hard time balancing up front, so she likes the back. Plus, the boys toss food back there, so there’s that as well. Lol. Hope you and Phoenix are doing well my friend. Talk to you soon!

  3. REDdog says:

    DOOONN! There you are, man! Hey, my youngest has been rocking a Mohawk for months now, what the help is going on?? But I’m wid you, it’s his head, right? Good to see you. Cheers REDdog

  4. Paul says:

    I think Jojo’s look is similar to Gman’s: “What the fuck is this idiot up to now? How much more do I have to endure?” ha! Looking good Don -awesome family pics – wow they’ve gotten so much bigger since the last post (HINT< HINT< HINT!). I hope you get better hours – working late shift is a fuck-up for family time (esp during school). I so know the feeling of coming home late and needing food, food, food – and always my eyes were bigger than my belly. I think it has to do with not eating at regular times – a throwback to cave man brain that screams: Don't know when my next meal is, so I'd better fill up on mastaDON now. Ha!

    Great post Don! Thanks.

  5. A.J. Goode says:

    I have some serious Salad Envy going on right now . . .

    • Right? That one was so good, too! I wish I remembered what I put in the dressing. Rats. Lol. How have you been?

      • A.J. Goode says:

        Meh, haven’t lost as much weight as you have. Well, wait — can I count the 260 lbs I just shed in the form of my ex- husband?

        By the way, the little guy’s haircut is a fauxhawk, not a mohawk. Very handsome, very trendy . . . And it looks very cute on him.

  6. love it. Seinfeld made a show about nothing, so why not do a blog post about nothing? Works just as well. By the way, the son you refer to as Cool looks exactly like the kid from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Really.

    • Damnit, now I have to go Google that. You’d think I’d have heard that before because Cool is my doppleganger. He looks just like me when I was a lad. So handsome. Lol.

  7. Twindaddy says:

    I had a mohawk once….my dad was less than impressed….

  8. You need to do competitive salad eating. We went to SuperCuts instead of Fantastic Sam’s this week. I even posted my new haircut on my blog. That’s what bloggers do.

  9. mistyslaws says:

    I’m the same with the nothing to say lately thing. Hence the dust bunnies gathering under the couch of my blog. So, your youngest constantly has snot running down his face, too? Huh. Thought it was just mine. Good luck on the job move, if that’s what you want. I realized this morning that yesterday was my 13th year anniversary in my place of employ. I didn’t even get a cake or anything! Bastards.

  10. claywatkins says:

    I am pretty fed up with the Lebron stuff, too. I should be eating salad, but instead I’m stuck on ice cream – it tastes better. last night I grilled tuna and swordfish on the grill for my 16 year old – got it at Trader Joe’s and he liked it. At least he liked the tuna – ahi tuna. Said it tasted like meat. I do remember those days of I’ve gotta go, because i can, not necessarily because I have to… Sport center is way more fun when they have something to say, like during football season. have a great week!

  11. lrconsiderer says:

    Hey…I remember you! Didn’t you used to be a blogger?

    Hope the move at work goes well, if it happens, or at the very least that you find out soon what’s going on. Hate that ‘in between not sure what’s happening’ thing.

    Your boys are adorable 🙂

  12. Blogdramedy says:

    Don of all trades. Except blogging.

    You do random well. *grin*

  13. jgroeber says:

    Wait. The deal was, I follow you and you don’t post and now, the first day you post? Sheesh. Those kids are adorable. And may I recommend you buy clippers and sit everyone out on the porch for haircuts? Then you hose it all down after. Winter can get a bit cruel, but otherwise it’s not half bad. (So maybe my kids get made fun of for their homemade haircuts. Snippets was $17/head. At least now we can buy them the supercool sneakers.) I’m with the Seinfeld comment. Turns out a post about nothing actually works. Well played.

  14. Your random posts rock, my friend! And it looks like you’re the healthiest salad maker in STL. It’s smart you drink beer while eating a salad – bet you get a quicker buzz. Cute, cute, cute Gman and Cool!

  15. maurnas says:

    Salads are one of my favorite meals. I couldn’t eat them for 4 years during my heart surgeries! I like to do romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon, and avocado. I could eat it every day.

  16. Random posts with adorable boy pics – sign me up! I love the mohawk! I should be eating more salads but I need someone else to make them. Why ware they always better when someone else make them? And sandwiches.

  17. Shelley says:

    Am impressed you didn’t go with ordering out the deep fried. Love the random free flowing writing.

  18. I love it when I literally choke on my coffee with a true LOL. Nice random stuff, Don. SO worthy my 3.4 minutes this morning. I mean, hey- I’m craving a salad now!

    *ADORABLE BOYS!!!!* Must take after their mother? 😉

  19. markbialczak says:

    So, Don, to owe somebody a Writer’s Life post for about a month and then choose to craft a random salad story instead. Somewhat ironic, no? We’re cool, work’s got you all confuzzled, I understand, it was in our pre-contract.

    I like meat and cheese and other cheeses and olives for color, too. The green ones better than the black. We are so alike, I think.

    Your boys look so much like you. Lucky them.

    And, before signing off, I must give one final compliment, about how you can so smoothly get away with telling Nadia that you hope she’s doing well down under. Oh, she’s from Australia!

  20. gimpet says:

    Don–your posts come to my email and I have been so f— busy at work that I don’t have time to comment, but I just wanted to say that you are such an awesome bullshitter that you, like Sienfeld, can talk about nothing and I still howl with laughter! You have such an observant eye for the little funny details of life! Every post makes my day. BTW–Gman is the cutest little bug and that Mohawk is HIM! And he doesn’t look like you at all, he is a momma’s boy from head to toe! And that salad looks AWESOME especially since I have absolutely Nothing In My Fridge and I have resorted to Stouffers for dinner. Watermelon is great for you and I bet you are having awesome shits…..

  21. Oh, Don! I’ve missed your ass. Thanks for this post. It was refreshing and fun, and I felt myself smiling like an idiot throughout the entire thing. I say that a lot. How do idiots smile? Do they even? If I were an idiot, I think I wouldn’t smile very much at all. Because I’d be an idiot.

    Your boys look like they could both charm the ice cream right out of my freezer and then use it against me. I can say that because I have one of my own and SEVEN nephews. There’s something about boys.

    As far as salads go. ,*pushes up glasses, straightens blazer* I’ll tell you like I tell my husband almost every time he orders the fried chicken salad at a restaurant….just because it says “salad” doesn’t mean it says “healthy.”

    I hope you didn’t puke on your dog.

    • Hahaha, I love you, Mandi. The littlest one is questionably a charmer. He looks the part, yes, but he’s a bit of a pill. If it says salad it should have the little heart icon next to it on the menu, otherwise, don’t call it a salad!

  22. 1jaded1 says:

    Not to be redundant, but I love everything about this post about nothing. That salad looks freakin tasty. Your boys look so sharp. Very different personalities with the conservative cut vs the mohawk. Good luck with the job. Oh, and watermelon is good for you, high in vitamin C. I’m addicted to this drink called vivaloe. It is watermelon juice and aloe…oh so good. Just an FYI, it has aloe pulp, but still yummy. Welcome back!

  23. mollytopia says:

    You’re the only person who can write about salads, cheap hair cuts and morbid dog pics and make me want to read more : )

  24. julie says:

    omg. 24. you have 24 peeps now. You are hysterical Don!

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