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A word or several on the newest police officers…

Tonight we will send eighteen men and women into the streets of St. Louis as newly appointed police officers. These men and women who woke up civilian recruits in training this morning, will go to sleep commissioned police officers tonight. They … Continue reading

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On cottage cheese and being run over by a jeep…

What a stupid title for a post.  Forgive me, friends, but I’m at work (shhhhhhh!) trying to squeeze in a post real quick.  Normally the work computer won’t allow me to access my own blog to edit or create new … Continue reading

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Just writing SOMETHING, oh, and maybe run another 1/2 marathon.

For the love of fuck, I just can’t seem to jump start my brain into conjuring up anything funny, creative, meaningful, stupid, or even mediocre, to write lately. I’ve scrapped numerous shitty blog posts that I’d started because if the … Continue reading

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