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The week i worked out, sort of….

So, true to my word, I decided to get my fat ass back into shape by working out with weights and doing some running.  Well, maybe some jogging….walking?  I’m going to get moving for sure. In a show of force … Continue reading

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A coupla random thangs…

Memorial Day: So Memorial Day came and went and I didn’t blog about it which means I suck.  When I think of Memorial Day, I think about the greatest generation and those who fought in WWII.  No offense to our … Continue reading

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Fatty gonna lose some weight…

My 4 year old son recently called me fat. With absolutely zero malice intended, he simply asked me in the middle of casual conversation why I was so fat. My initial reaction was to put down either the cake in my … Continue reading

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The miracle of 2011…

I’ve spent the better part of my adult life living like a disgusting pig. I eat like crap, I drink too much and I refuse to exert myself physically to any extent beyond occasionally mowing the yard and pleasuring the … Continue reading

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Letting go…

Do men still have midlife crises? If yes, I’m not 100% sure that I’ve had mine yet. I thought I did once, back in 2003, but now I’m pretty sure I just went insane, temporarily. Wait, isn’t that what a … Continue reading

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A better don? Probably not like this….

Well, I had zero intention of posting anything today, tomorrow, or for the rest of the week. I’m finding myself running out of things to talk about and there are only so many hanging with Jesus tales that I can … Continue reading

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