Letting go…

Do men still have midlife crises?

If yes, I’m not 100% sure that I’ve had mine yet.

I thought I did once, back in 2003, but now I’m pretty sure I just went insane, temporarily.

Wait, isn’t that what a midlife crisis is, some sort of temporary insanity? Maybe I did have one then.

I don’t want to miss my one chance to be irrational, demanding and crazy (sound familiar once a month, ladies?) and blame it on nature.

Unrelated to any sort of midlife crisis for sure, I wore my wife out with weeks and weeks and possibly even months of incessant begging and/or dropping hints until I finally was given permission to went ahead and bought myself a motorcycle.

That was in 2007.

Ain’t she a beaut?


I rode her hard for years until it…wait.

That’s not my bike at all. I’ve been hacked or something.


Here it is. She’s still a beaut though, right?


That’s Ace and I riding in our shorts and flip flops, sans helmets back when Ace was maybe four years old.

That’s right, child and motorcycle safety advocacy groups, suck on that!

That bike and I have had some good times together.

My favorites were when the old lady (that’s what you HAVE to call your wife or lady friend when you’re talking about motorcycles, so get off my back, feminists types…I love and respect women AND rules of group etiquette!!) would jump on back and ride with me.

Our first longish ride was into Missouri wine country one evening after work.

It was a beautiful 70 degree evening when we took off from home.

Unfortunately, 70 degrees feels different at night on a motorcycle doing 70 mph than it does in the sunshine.

It was cold as a witch’s tit coming back and we had to stop at Walmart to get some sweatshirts to ward off hypothermia.

We used to ride with a large group on Sundays from time to time as well.

That was mostly when we just had Ace to unload onto grandma and grandpa.

After CDawg was born, the riding consisted of mostly me alone trips.

Then when G$ came along, those me alone trips were mostly to go grab diapers or groceries from the store in town.


I sold my motorcycle yesterday.

The wife and I miss her already.

I could kid myself by saying the bike was some sort of symbol of better times, but if I’m honest with myself, my better times are now with wife and all three kids, alive and able to move without a wheel chair.

I wanted the money to take care of some things around the house and a little debt.

I also wanted the garage space.

The motorcycle had become less of a recreational vehicle and more of a carnival ride for the kids around the neighborhood.

It got to the point where I was thinking about how horrific it will be to die on that motorcycle. Death was always just over the next hill or around the next bend.

I was having these thoughts WHILE I WAS RIDING!

That’s no good.

I’m an old man now I guess.

I like the safety of doors and floors and roofs.

There are too many idiots texting and driving and talking on phones and driving and facebooking and driving and blogging and driving…it’s seriously dangerous out on those roads.

A wise old man, who I used to ride with a lot, once told me that there are two groups of motorcyclists, those who’ve wrecked their bikes and those who haven’t wrecked their bikes yet.

While the former group sounds tougher and probably has better stories to blog about, I decided to get out before I could join them.

I’ve got enough blog material with these kids for now without having to endure a near death experience…

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27 Responses to Letting go…

  1. Katie says:

    Since it wasn’t a Corvette, I don’t think it qualified as a mid-life crisis.

  2. whinybaby says:

    My husband is desperate for a motorcycle, but they terrify me. This old lady has put the kibosh on it.

    I like that you’re sticking it to helmet and child safety groups. Jerks.

    • I know, right? I don’t need science to tell me that the concrete is going to win in most collisions with my face!

      Your husband is getting camping gear delivered, so a motorcycle purchase isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility, even though you may not see it yet.

      Send me his email address and I’ll supply the man with enough material to wear you down that you guys will be off to Pasadena or wherever people in S. Cal go for good times, in no time!

  3. This was kind of sweet. My Dad had a motorcycle when I was little. I remember him taking me to elementary school on it. At some point, we all trade in something we love when we have kids, right? I know that I did. It was my freedom to eat meals in peace. But, whatever, I’ve gotten over it. You can always get another motorcycle when you’re really old. My Dad now has a golf cart. But, he’s a DJ, so he’s still kind of cool. 🙂

    • Kind of sweet…is that an insult?? lol.

      You have a DJ for a dad who drives a golf cart? Where is THAT post?

      • not at all an insult. Just sweet post is all I meant. :p Yes, my dad DJ’s weddings/parties..he has for probably 30+ years as a side job to his real job. He’s pretty cool like that. And, they live in a big golf-cart community in GA. So, they own a golf-cart!

  4. 1tric says:

    Oh dear! I feel you are way past mid life crisis and bordering on “settled”. I still have an ancient pair of doc martin boots, they are my, memory of other days, and if anyone dumps them!!! However I will grant you they are worthless and take up no room in our garage. I do feel for you both as I’m sure your old lady also had some memories stored up in that bike. Pity we cant trade in the kids when they begin to take up space and cost a fortune! Maybe buy a bike with the money we’d make?

  5. Carol says:

    Do not fret dear Don, when I kill off the old man – I have a Harley with your name on it.

  6. Mancakes says:

    Don, were you riding the motorcycle while wearing a chunky gold chain? If not, it wasn’t a midlife thing… the chunky gold guido chain is a pre requisite for that.

  7. cookie1986 says:

    I knew there was some reason I liked you so much. You’re cool enough to ride a motorcycle. it’s sad you had to sell it.
    I’ve often asked my husband if I can get one, but he always says no. Plus we get blizzards in March up here, so riding time is limited.

    • Bah, I didn’t have to so much as it was the right time to do so. Now I can bitch moan and groan and drive my wife nuts all spring and summer when I see a motorcycle on the road. She’ll love that!

      If momma wants a motorcycle and she doesn’t have one, then you’re not doing your wife job properly. Or am I mistaken in believing that if momma isn’t happy then nobody is?

  8. I love this. i love you how you changed and grew, up, older and wiser. sweet and bittersweet. life is trip.. no matter what you ride. enjoy. 🙂

  9. juju333 says:


    The pavement always wins and it is no fun having it taken out of your skin. I can remember riding on the back of a bike with no helmet in the snow. Youth has it perks. We are too dumb to know better and too young to care.

    With age comes all kinds of responsibilities and reality checks. Yet, as we both know and can attest to (blogged about it) we are not growing up; ever!

    I’m sure you can find new and better ways to have fun and still drive the neighbors crazy!

    Keep up the good work; you had me laughing out loud. I will keep reading until you have me falling out of my chair and breaking a hip and then…Who am I kidding, I will keep reading. Someone will just have to pick me back up.


  10. Lisa Newlin says:

    I think this means you’re growing up and becoming a big boy! (Not like a “big boy” motorcycle though. Crap! Did I just open a wound?)

    I also think it’s funny that you think you would have ONE mid-life crisis. Further, I think it’s funny you think that’s the only time you have an excuse to be irrational. You’re a guy…you always have an excuse to be irrational! 🙂

    Good for you for making that decision, though. I suspect it was difficult but at least you won’t have to explain road rash to your kids.

  11. juju333 says:

    PS> Midlife crisis… that means you know where the middle is. I really don’t want to know the answer to that.

  12. I think you may have had your MidLife Crisis when you sold your motorcycle. Its time to look for another one.

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