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Blur those party lines for a bit…

The whole election process has been fascinating to me. Here’s a little secret that I have…. I don’t vote. I guess it’s not a secret, since all my friends and family and now you know it. I have never voted … Continue reading

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The internet is a wonderful place or thing or whatever it is, because there are millions of people always standing by, just waiting to share ideas and opinions, but the internet can also be an awful place or thing or … Continue reading

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Bashing police for political gain…pathetic.

  I loathe election time. It’s a time for everybody to witness America at its worst, and this year’s offering is no exception, in fact, it’s the most perfect example ever of what’s wrong in this country. The bottom line is … Continue reading

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Minor ranting on welfare and a goofy alderman.

I’m unmotivated to be funny today, sorry. One of my very first, and yet still current followers, Cookie the Canadian lady who has the same gestational period as an elephant, does a rant every Friday about something that makes her … Continue reading

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