Minor ranting on welfare and a goofy alderman.

I’m unmotivated to be funny today, sorry.

One of my very first, and yet still current followers, Cookie the Canadian lady who has the same gestational period as an elephant, does a rant every Friday about something that makes her titties hot or something like that.

I like to rant as well, so that’s what I’m going to do now.

My star studded Tuesday night with the first of the month crowd has put welfare on the forefront of my brain.  It’s no secret that the welfare system in the United States is fucked up beyond belief for sure.  Does any other country have so many overweight poor people?

What started out as a nice idea to get people through difficult times during the Great Depression has turned into a way of life for way too many Americans.  There is a sense of entitlement to benefits that haven’t been earned and it’s maddening to me.  Many of the people receiving benefits are perfectly capable of working, but refuse to do so because, quite frankly, they don’t have to.

I can’t say that I blame them though, as work is a real drain on a person’s social life.

While I’m all for welfare where it’s truly needed, more needs to be done to make sure those who can do for themselves are at least trying.

Hmmmm.  Ok, I’m going to cut myself off from this topic now because what I had written here was entirely too truthful and fact laden and nobody likes it when facts get in the way of an otherwise solid argument.  The truth about something always stings some people and what I had written would have sent some of you into a tizzy, I’m sure.  Look at me using a filter for once!  In other words, because I don’t feel like getting into an online pissing match with welfare enthusiasts, I’m changing gears.

So this happened this week.

I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m from St. Louis, MO.  It’s a fine city for sure.  Even though he doesn’t know it yet, Msr. Le Clown is going to visit St. Louis very soon.

Speaking of St. Louis and clowns, the city is run by a gaggle of them.

On a good day, St. Louis has about 300,000 residents.  That’s the population within the city limits, so I’m not referring to the suburbs or the entire Metro East region, of course.  There are 28 aldermen running the city, along with the mayor.  If my math is correct, that’s about 10 or 11 thousand folks per alderman.  By comparison, Chicago has 50 wards with 50 aldermen to assist their nearly three millions residents.  They serve about 54,000 residents per alderman.

The position of alderman in St. Louis is a part time job, though I’m sure they’d argue it comes with full time responsibilities.  Aldermen here are paid just under $38,000 annually, so it’s not like they’re martyrs for sure.  That’s a decent full time salary for many people.

Here’s one of my favorite aldermen defending his fairly recent (a few years ago) pay raise to our local Fox News investigative reporter.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT7jDrLWrvo]

Freeman Bosley, Sr. is ALWAYS an entertaining interview to watch, just Google his name and watch some video, if you have time to kill and need a laugh.

Anyway, his latest shenanigans had me in stitches.  I wasn’t sure whether to be really pissed off, amused, dumbfounded or just plain awed by his audacity.

Mr. Bosley has several children, one of whom goes to a local private high school (what does that tell you about the state of the city’s public school system?).  She is, by all accounts, a good student and a bright young lady.  She is all set to go to college in the fall.  She’ll be attending St. Xavier University in Chicago, Il.  St. Xavier is a Catholic university and it’s certainly not  cheap!

While some scholarships and grants have apparently helped to cover around $25,000 of the cost of her schooling, there is still about $14,000 that remains to be paid.

What would any normal human being faced with such a hefty school bill for their child do?

This, of course!

Send me money, please!

Send me money, please!

Yes, you did read that correctly!

Mr. Bosley sent this letter to his “friends” and “supporters” asking for them to send him money to help pay for his daughter’s education.

Who the fuck does that?

I like to think I have some big balls, but it’d never have crossed my mind to ask my friends to send me money to help pay for something my kids wanted or needed, especially if my kid was a young adult.

Here is the article in the local paper.  Don’t forget to read the comments, of course, they’re always enlightening.  Apparently, Mr. Bosley did change his mind after everyone made such a fuss about this non-issue to him.

While he claims to not have used any city resources, which may be true, his letter to friends is addressed from Alderman Freeman Bosley, Sr., not from Your pal Freeman Bosley, Sr.

Am I wrong to think this is ridiculous?  Is this something that others would do and shame on me for not thinking of it first?

I’m curious to hear from my non St. Louis and out of country peeps on this one.

Have a great weekend.

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37 Responses to Minor ranting on welfare and a goofy alderman.

  1. Cordelia says:

    Is that for real? Like FOR REAL for real? Hell, now I know how I’m gonna afford summer camp, thanks for the tip Don!

  2. Maggie O'C says:

    I’m with you on every word.
    I’m going to go post and see if all my friends can pay my Amex bill for me.

  3. Lauralynn says:

    bwah hahaha ha…that’s awesome! Oh by the way, I’d like to go to Europe this fall. If anyone has any extra cash to throw my way, go ahead and request my address. I’ll be waiting for those dollars to roll on in.

  4. Un-Fucking-Believable!
    About 15 years ago, my aunt did this to her siblings. She sat her brothers (one of them is my father) and sister down with their spouses and basically said “I want you guys pay for (insert my cousin’s name here) college.” My mother and father laughed in her face. My father has worked since he was 8 years old, buying his family their first TV and saving up to get a 55′ Chevy when he was a teenager. He taught my sister and I that we will WORK and welfare was NEVER an option. His father (my grandfather) never was on welfare either. He came to the US via Mexico at the Texas border, got a job and bought a house in San Gabriel, CA and provided for his wife and four children.
    That being said, when my aunt did what I wrote above, my father was appalled and walked out of the room. My aunt was selfish and was teaching her daughter to just beg, stick out your hand and expect others to foot the bill for you. Well what do you know? That cousin, never finished college, married a loser, had that losers kid and now lives with my aunt and her husband, drained them of their money and assets so much so that they had to leave the state and by leave I mean scamper out in the middle of the night because the apartment they lived in was after then for back rent. Oh and she doesn’t work.
    I’m rambling a bit but welfare and the lazy asses who are on it enrage me. I’m in California and the hand outs are AWFUL here. I’m a single mother and I work. I have NEVER applied for Welfare and never will because I can work with dignity. So when I see a lazy mother sit around all day while she gets her welfare check and she has Prada shoes and a Gucci bag, I get a bit ticked off.

    Again, sorry to ramble, but this subject boils my blood.

  5. Hahahahaha. That’s first.
    Second. How funny this would fall on my pet peeve day. I’m on a rant rehab kind of day. I think we wordpressers are in sync… Kinda like menstrual cycles. Do you have those?
    And thirdly…what the fuck dude?

  6. WTF?? Who elected that dip shit? Oh, and don’t even get me started on the welfare thing! Was recently told a story by a friend about standing in line with someone using a Vision card who was decked out in leather Harley gear from head to toe and bragged of her and her husband, both owning Harleys. Are you shitting me??

  7. ardenrr says:

    First of all, I kind of wish you’d gone off on welfare as I would have enjoyed it. I understand why you didn’t though so I forgive you.

    More importantly, who the FUCK is this guy? He’s a genius!! Haha — While I would have given him a big Fuck You and thrown the letter in the trash, I guess it’s worth a shot, right? I see people on Facebook all the time asking their friends for money to do all kinds of stupid shit. ‘Sponsor’ me for this, ‘sponsor’ me for that.

    I was lucky enough that my parents paid for my college and I hope I can do the same for my kids one day. I certainly will if I can afford it. However, that’s what student loans are for if you can’t. I can’t believe he did this, especially using his ‘alderman’ title to get your attention.

    Hah – What a dick!

  8. That’s absolutely ridiculous! What nerve!!!

  9. I constantly find myself having to bite my tongue with regards to public aid and politics. Not that I don’t believe there’s a necessity for public aid, just that there are more abusers of the program than there are actual people who need and deserve the TEMPORARY assistance. No words for your local politician…and that’s saying something considering I’m originally from Chicago and moved to Florida. 😡

  10. Katie says:

    Coming from someone living in a state whose past two governors are in jail…

    Seems okay to me!

  11. Wow. That is simply amazing. Now, it’s got me thinking…there has to be another way to put my kids through school besides working hard and saving for college, or heaven forbid actually asking your child to WORK and put themselves through school (like I did). That is disgusting.

  12. tric says:

    I think it is the same the world over. I am living in a country with the most corrupt politicians known to man! Our Taoiseach ( equivalent to your president) governs almost 5 million and is paid less than the British prime minister who governs 62 million. We also have two houses of useless parliament. We have 160 TDs ( elected representatives). If the US had the same number per population you would have 11,629 instead of 650! So do not get me going on politics, or banks. I was in such good form until I read and commented on this, Now I am so cross. Thank you Don!

  13. That’s super incredibly tacky. Does this family have Internet access at home or the local library? Then get to it, researching other scholarships, damn it!

  14. queenlorene says:

    Great post. You should go into politics with “Im cutting out all the bullshit” as your motto. I love reading you, you sound like a real live St Louis-ite. He should have been thrown out of office if he sent it to any “supporters”. And what is it with everyone wanting to send their kids to Chaminade and the like? My long term BF in college said “No one goes to S L public school if you can help it.” And his dad was a S L police officer. Pretty bad when to police wont send their kids. But of course that may be related to the fact that half your population is on welfare. Just position them where the New Madrid Earthquake is going to hit you all the hardest, and they will no longer be a problem.

  15. quiltnmama says:

    Wow, and I thought I had a set of brass balls!

  16. heidibird says:

    Welfare is incredibly irritating. When I lived in kck none of my neighbors worked and all of them lived off of the state. I would come home from work and they would be sitting out on their stoops smoking goodness knows what and say “hey Heidi, what have you been up to all day?” Um, working and paying my taxes so that you can sit hear all day and ask me stupid questions when I get home.


  17. cookie1986 says:

    What a total and utter douchebag. Not you, the Alderman. What in the blue hell? If I got a letter like that from someone who held public office here I would literally march into their office and tell them to go fuck themselves. And then tell them to go ask their parents, or GASP! suggest their child get a job to help pay for their own goddamn education.
    Jesus help me.
    PS. Do you always have to almost call me fat? Can’t I have the gestational period of something a little more svelt?

  18. I used to work at a “dollar store”, it always bothered be when people who got food stamps came in to buy their favorite energy drink and some candy with their government funded money card, then threw a fit when I said we couldn’t take it. How about go use my tax money to feed your ten kids healthy food instead of filling your gob with junk! And get a job!
    And how ridiculous for this man to ask all his “friends” to send his daughter to school like they don’t have their own kids college to pay for!
    … If anyone has any left after that I’m looking to go back to college too! 🙂

  19. keladelaide says:

    In Oz a 4 year degree would cost around $30 000. Unless you are born into wealth, that debt accumulates until you finish, get a job and then you pay a proportion of your income back each year until the debt is paid off. Took me about 10 years.

  20. flyingplatypi says:

    No lie, for a second I thought you meant actual clowns. I had a bit of a fit and swore to never set foot there… Then I read the rest of your article. Seriously, don’t joke about clowns taking over cities. We all know its just a matter of time before we are all consumed by their evil…

    Or maybe I have problems…



  21. rynolexson says:

    Ballsy to say the least…I might actually try this when my kid is old enough for college.

  22. Melanie says:

    You totally have to take Le Clown to the City Museum and let him take the slide down the stairs.
    Bosley – not surprised.
    Welfare – with you on the entitled to entitlement crap. I’m bothered by the abuse of the system. I’m also grateful to the system. After I left my wife beating ex-husband I received TANF, Food Stamps, and Medicaid for myself and my two kids. I was also actively seeking employment, and not just any employment. I wasn’t going to settle for minimum wage. I had a resume and was submitting it to dozens of positions a day. Two months later, thankfully a relatively short period of job hunting, I was gainfully employed in a professional writing position. I notified the welfare folks and I came off TANF and the food stamps, though I did get a “transition” check for $50 for six months. Medicaid stayed in effect for another two years for my children, and I was way grateful to have “free” care for them. This experience makes me feel entitled to tell system-abusers to fuck off because I used it when I needed it and didn’t draw on it for the sake of going out drinking every night.

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