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Hey elementary school, are you dracula, cuz you’re sucking me dry…

Last night, while ignoring the pile of dishes and leftover food congealing on the stove so I could cram fun size KitKat bars and peanut butter cups down my throat while Wife was upstairs putting the boys to bed, Ace … Continue reading

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Just a tiny more ranting and happy halloween…

It’s unfortunate that I spent my last post bitching about stupidity because I have so much to bitch about today as well, but I don’t want to over stimulate my readers with my crankiness. Oh Don, what’s eating your ass … Continue reading

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Yay, quick rants…a really dumb post where i mostly bitch.

Sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I like to rant about something ridiculous like that Asian woman last week whose attempt to back into a parking space while simultaneously blocking my access to the McDonald’s drive-thru lane for coffee nearly … Continue reading

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Minor ranting on welfare and a goofy alderman.

I’m unmotivated to be funny today, sorry. One of my very first, and yet still current followers, Cookie the Canadian lady who has the same gestational period as an elephant, does a rant every Friday about something that makes her … Continue reading

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