Daily Prompt: Places – the beach, it’s always been the beach…

Daily Prompt: Places

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

This one’s a no-brainer for me. I’m a beach man for sure.


Wife is a beach woman. You’ll have to take my word for it; she doesn’t want any of her beach photos floating about on the internet.

Ace is a beach girl.


Cdawg is a beach lad


G$ is still a pain in the ass. He actually preferred the pool, but he’ll learn.


The whole family enjoys the beach. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a family vacation anywhere but to the beach.

Sitting in the sun for days with the family is heaven to me. The sand, beer, ocean, beer and seafood buffets and beer are all we need to be a happy clan.

390944_3019861825809_2138783950_nSome of my favorite memories as a kid were trips to the beach.

Mom and dad were not planners. I think they mostly just decided “Hey, what do you say we leave tonight and go to Florida next week?” And that’s what would happen.

Mom would get a triptik from AAA (go Google that young people, it’s a pre-GPS thing), a cooler and a bag of snacks and that was the extent of the planning.

We’d drive the 12-18 hours through the night and start looking for places to stay once we got there.

We’d drive from hotel to hotel until we found one that was within what I assume was a predetermined price range and that had a vacancy. It normally only took three or four tries, and I distinctly remember this being a nuisance for my dad.

Now that I’m the driver, I understand what his beef was. JUST PICK A PLACE TO STAY!! After driving all night, a person just wants to get some sleep.

One year was a little hairy (insert funny bikini joke to suit your taste here) because we were in Daytona during the Fourth of July celebration and vacancies were limited.

Still, there were enough mom and pop type motels or Howard Johnson’s back then that we were able to find a place every time.

You’ve never traveled in comfort until you’ve ridden in the chilly night air in the back of a pickup truck for 15 hours. A few years of that in a row sucked, but it was much better once dad finally sprung for a top to cover the bed of the truck.

The cold night air in the back of the truck was a step up from riding five deep in a Nissan Pulsar. Yeah, five of us rode several times for 15+ hours in a tiny compact car.


Yeah, we went from STL to Florida in one of these things.

Three boys in the back seat of a Nissan Pulsar getting pissed off at the others anytime somebody’s legs would touch or their arms would cross the imaginary boundary line must have been a treat for mom and dad.

“Mom, he’s touching me! Mom, he’s crossing into my space on purpose! Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!!!” What a clusterfuck!

Thankfully, and I never thought I’d say this out loud, we have a minivan.

Is it pretty?


It’s missing a hubcap and there are three kids and nine years of mess all over the interior, but she’s functional.

She’s never let us down and there’s plenty of space for everyone to ride without anybody’s legs having to touch.

All the mom and pop places seem to have been replaced by huge multi-condo units that you have to reserve in advance. The chances of landing a decent room for a week without planning ahead have diminished greatly.

I like getting to the beach as soon as possible upon reaching the Sunshine State anyway, so fiddlefucking around looking for a place to stay would just aggravate me unnecessarily.

We’ve rented condos in advance the past several times we’ve gone on vacation, many times sharing the unit with another family or our own kin folk. This can be dicey, but we’ve had pretty good luck not wanting to kill anybody we’ve vacationed with, mostly.

I don’t think momma would go for just driving to the beach with no destination in mind anyway.

I guess I also like knowing we’ll have a place to stay once we reach our vacation spot as well, and missing out on beach front lodging would suck. That happened a time or two with mom and dad’s half-assed travel method. Some traditions can be pretty easily pitched aside, and hoping for a place to stay upon reaching the beach is one of them for us.

I’ve never been snow skiing and don’t understand why anybody would intentionally go someplace cold to vacation. I get that skiing or sledding or snow boarding can be fun, but getting your ass back up the hill seems like work.

Getting three kids bundled up in snow gear also seems like work. It’s all we can do to

Minimal gear makes life easier for daddy.

Minimal gear makes life easier for daddy.

wrestle the boys into water wings, let alone having to get them into thermals and coats and mittens, etc. Just the thought of it is making me cringe.

Drinking cold beer in the freezing weather with gloves on doesn’t strike me as being all that fun.

Having to bring the kids inside every hour because they get cold doesn’t strike me as being all that fun.

Skiing drunk into a tree and breaking my neck doesn’t strike me as being all that fun.

While I’m sure it’s fine for some people, and I appreciate people who don’t enjoy the beach staying away so it’s not as crowded, the snow isn’t for us.

No, for the DOAT clan, the beach is the place for us.

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18 Responses to Daily Prompt: Places – the beach, it’s always been the beach…

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  2. amberperea says:

    I grew up on the beach in a little town called Vero Beach (Irony? Mayhaps… ) and the number one vacation that we took as a kid and kept taking every year thereafter was to the Keys. I worship the Keys (it doesn’t hurt that I am a Reggae music listening, seafood loving, snorkeling and diving addict, surf and sand JUNKIE) and always planned on spending my final days on this Earth there, sipping Mai Thai’s (they don’t even know what those are here in Texas) and watching sunsets that rival any beauty you have ever seen with the human eye.

    I want to take my husband, he’s never been, and I keep telling him about this magical place where flip flops get stepped out of to step on a pop top but alas, he is afraid of the ocean. My soul mate -with whom I share every other interest on the planet- is afraid of sharks and sting rays and every other what-have-you.

    He offers to take me to a Texas beach. Also known as….gross water and sand combo. Ah, the irony of life. 😉

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  6. Yes Amber, i used to go to the lake of the Ozarks in Missouri as a kid quite a bit. It’s turned into a cesspool of crap, sadly. Give me an ocean or a river for tubing over a lake anyway.

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  8. duncanr says:

    Can so identify with the cramped travelling conditions. When the kids were small, a sporty VW hatchback was no problem when we went on vacation. When they grew into two strapping teenagers, however, the lack of space on the back seat became a constant source of complaint and fighting on trips – even more so when they had to share the back seat with a large German Shepherd dog 😆

  9. lexiesnana says:

    I laughed right out loud with the bit about the minivan.Made me think of my daughter when she found out she was having twins.They were looking at bigger vehicles and she told me they would have to get a stupid van.I still think it’s funny.Your little ones are too cute also.

    • I’m glad to have made you laugh out loud! Parenting really can’t be done properly without swallowing your pride. A minivan looks less ridiculous with car seats in them than say sports cars. When I see a sports car with a car seat I think the driver either hates his kids or just can’t let go of his previous life. Embrace the space….of the minivan!

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