Very quick – vote for donofalltrades right now, it’ll take 5 seconds!

Ok friends, it’s that time again, I need your votes this week more than the previous weeks for sure.

The judges did not care much for my post, probably because they suck since it can’t be me, right? Whatever.

Anyway, click here to vote —————>

Click on the little circle next to donofalltrades and then scroll down to click vote now! Do it on your computer and cell phone and tablet and then go to the library and do it on all those computers too!!! That’s apparently how this needs to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks all! I appreciate all of your help!

Be sure to read the post too and tell me what you think. The judges weren’t crazy about it, but I’d rather know what you guys think honestly.



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57 Responses to Very quick – vote for donofalltrades right now, it’ll take 5 seconds!

  1. lyndzeerae27 says:

    I don’t know what the hell those judges are talking about! By the end of the read I was in tears because of this story. It was beautifully written with loads of empathy shining through.

    My vote is in; and that vote is definitely for you Don.

  2. rynolexson says:

    By far my favorite post. What a unique perspective for common people. You never think about these things because the media dummies them down to 30 second news clips.
    I loved it, ill vote twice for you this week 🙂

  3. Cheryl says:

    Hey Don! Well done. My BIL is a cop and my SIL is a nurse. My daughter is a nursing student. I think first responders and EMS people have this mode or zone they go into in their professional capacities. It’s a protective thing that allows them to function in the face of some of the worst situations imaginable. I suspect you guys don’t even know you do it 😉 . I think you wrote that piece wearing your protective cloak. So what? It was honest, well written and outside of your blogging comfort zone. Regardless of what the judges said, you can be proud of that post.

  4. Laura Lynn says:

    Judges are not getting it! It isn’t flat at all! WTF! Do they want more adverbs? More gushing? More whatever? Your style is distinctive and brilliant. Keep on keeping on.

    • Thank you, Laura Lynn, I didn’t think it was that bad either! I shall keep keeping on! How have you been?

      • Laura Lynn says:

        I got my results yesterday. I’m winning!! My c125 counts are down to 23 (from over 2000 in January when I was diagnosed) my lymph nodes are shrinking to normal size and I am on track to BEAT THIS! With a whole bunch of warnings from my doctor of what not to do, I am free to live my life. Sort of. She told me not to get too optimistic and ignore my blood tests and CT scans every month. But so what! I couldn’t be happier. I’m a miracle woman to get so well so fast-she said so. All that no sugar, no wheat,corn,soy, all that horrible gluten free, no caffeine, Chinese herbal, green tea, turmeric shit paid off. Bleh…reading back on it sounds like a chore, but when someone tells you you could die in the next few months…well, hell. It’s worth it. I’m celebrating with Belgium beer and oysters. Yay!

      • Hooray beer and hooray for your winning!! Keep it up; you’re pretty amazing!

  5. The Cutter says:

    I voted for you. It wasn’t my favorite thing that you’ve written. I can’t exactly put my finger on why. Maybe like the judges said, it was a bit too matter-of-factly at times.

  6. Maggie O'C says:

    Well it made me cry and the dryness is your style. I love when you write about these experiences. I don’t like that they happened but I am fascinated by your job and life.

    FYI…Daddy’s in Charge? can suck it.

  7. ardenrr says:

    Voted! I also put out my feelers to the wonderful world of Facebook & Twitter asking for their assistance so hopefully my comrades will come to your aid.

    Jokes aside, I loved the post. I think I can see what the judges are saying but I feel I ‘know’ you better than them and that is just not how you write. You’re a cop. You have to be matter of fact and ‘flat’, especially in these situations. Facts are all you have. You can’t break down crying in front of this woman because you just saw her son ripped open in front of you. You have to stay on the outside of the emotions. That’s your job.

    I thought it was really well written and true to who you are. GO DON!

    • Thanks for all of that, Arden! You’re a sweetheart. It’s difficult to sway new readers who don’t get me, but while I do see what they’re saying, the subtlety was purposeful and police report is a bit harsh.

      • ardenrr says:

        Oh I definitely didn’t like how they delivered the criticism. There’s a good way to do that and some of them suck at it. I can definitely tell who’s the Simon Cowell of that bunch!

  8. gina4star says:

    Aaaargh it’s facebook and I can’t do that at work, but will check it out and vote this evening when I’m home. There will still be time?

  9. Melanie says:

    I’ve voted twice so far today. I have a second IP address at work and another at home, so I can vote some more. And I will. I figured out last week how to use all of my available IPs and devices to get you hella votes.
    As far as the piece, I don’t think it fell flat, and I think the monotone of the voice adds to the charm. I’ve read police reports, and unless I read the ones that aren’t like the others, your piece doesn’t read like a fucking police report, so whatever that nonsense was about.
    My two cents on the execution…you could have done away with the introduction and focused more on waiting for the doctors, the ER waiters avoiding eye contact, seeing a chest cracked open, and finally the conversation you could have done without. I think what annoyed the judges wasn’t the lack of tear-inducing emotion, but that it took too long to build up to the point. Your style is to do a long build up, but this competition, with its low word limits, needs stories that begin with a punch and end with a knock out. Just my opinion. You can tell me to shove off now.

    • No, I actually think you’re dead on. I am a wordy SOB with lots of buildup before the fizzle…lol.

      I think the judges were fair, but I’m a sore loser so I’m going to complain!! Thank you, Melanie! Rock the vote!! I need it.

      • Melanie says:

        I don’t mind a little build-up before the fizzle. I think it’s called foreplay, no? But these are little quickies behind the mini-mart, and there’s no time for build-up unless you want to get caught with your pants down.

        You’re a good writer. I hope you get through again this week.

  10. Dude, I voted for you because you rock and are a fantastic writer. I liked this piece but do feel it could be enhanced. I had to think about it for awhile to figure out why and I think I’ve got it. The topic is a conversation YOU found difficult to have but you don’t talk about how this made YOU feel. I think your voice is missing a bit here. The facts could use a little softening with emotion and this would allow you to connect with a wider audience. But that would only be to enhance an already good piece. Hope that’s helpful and doesn’t tell you to suck eggs which wasn’t my intent at all. Oh and THAT judge? Man. Cranky pants.

  11. Jolene says:

    Daddy in charge needs a flippin day in the pen!!! hahaha…. I felt insulted by what he said and I even voiced my opinion. Those judges wouldn’t know a good post if it hit them in the ass!!

  12. ksujulie says:

    Man. I couldn’t never be a police officer. I salute you. And voted for you.

  13. tric says:

    What are you like? We don’t see you from one end of the week to another and then it’s me me me!! It’s like your family now.
    Anyway I checked out your post. If I didn’t like it I was going to tell you…. but I did. I even left a comment. Best of luck.

  14. I was just the right length and I loved every word. You were kind, compassionate and straight forward. I think they were hard on you because they can be, no real reason. If they need 500 more words to understand your emotion, then they are morons.

  15. xtrememom says:

    I loved your post Don. It grabbed my heartstrings with both fists and left me bursting with emotion. Everyone has a unique writing style. Yours sir- is anything but flat. I’m not at all impressed with the judging. Who are they and where-in-the-hell did they find these people? I’m not convinced they have the credentials to be judging you or some of the other talented writers. Very well done. Keep up the excellent work.

  16. flyingplatypi says:

    I came back from the dead to vote for you. And everyone knows that zombie votes count double.

    Good luck and hugs!


  17. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    I’m ON MY WAY!!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!

  18. sarah9188 says:

    Voted for you. The ending tied it all together for me. I think the judges are crazy. I always love your stuff, even if I don’t comment much. I hope you make it!!! Thanks for being out there on the streets. You rock.

    • Thank you for coming out of the wood work to comment! I like comments. I’m glad some people liked the post, but it wasn’t, obviously, everyone’s cup of tea. Oh well, on to the next one! Thanks again.

  19. mamamlk says:

    I’m so mad. I wasn’t notified of your post till today. I was all happy an went to go vote and the effer is closed. 😦 Since I can’t vote I am sending positive winner vibes your way!!!!!

    • Your winner vibes suck as I was ousted already! Lol. Thank you for trying though! You’re sweet.

      • mamamlk says:

        That sucks. People are dumb. That post was very good.
        Sometimes people just sit get it.

        While it sucks…you now don’t have to feel pressured into writing something. You can write what you know and love.

  20. Cheryl says:

    Ousted?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 😦

  21. Those sons a bitches! How could they???

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