A horror story…

Sadly, I typed horror story in the title and my little brain immediately assumed that you guys would think I had another G$ related story to share with you. Hahaha! No, not this time.

The mysterious and probably very lovely Blogdramedy invited me to guest post on her blog this week as part of her mini-Halloween extravaganza!

I wavered a bit with where to go as Halloween stories are new to me.

Here’s where it was going to go:

Main character Magnus VonDoodlestein was going to be introduced and his house was going to be introduced and I was going to have him switch his haunted house from zombies and witches to something today’s kids could really relate to. It was going to be funny, hence the name VonDoodlestein (pronounced VonDoodleshtine) but that never happened.

I started to go there but it turned into something dark and gory instead! For real, it’s gory!

Check it out right here…bwahahahahahahaha!!!

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5 Responses to A horror story…

  1. Look forward to it.

    Signed, Byronic Man.
    (pronounced: “bee-roh-nik”)

  2. Blogdramedy says:

    “Probably very lovely Blogdramedy”
    Love a man who hedges his bets.

  3. I was expected this at the very end: “And then he went into the house and cracked open a Bud Light Lime.”

  4. findingninee says:

    Heading over there now, dude.

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