Guest post…a random time i met an interesting woman.

Some of my more popular posts are the  simple ones where I just talk about an encounter that, for whatever reason, I hadn’t thought about in a while.

I shared one with my friend Kristi over on her blog Finding Ninee today.

Here is your warning that it’s not a funny encounter. It’s not tragic or anything, but it’ll make you cry before you laugh, assuming you don’t just fall asleep or stop reading it altogether after the first sentence.

Go check out Kristi’s blog. She’s great fun and has a great series called Our Land. I think we’re all supposed to get along and play nice there or something.

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10 Responses to Guest post…a random time i met an interesting woman.

  1. findingninee says:

    Thanks for sharing your most excellent words on my pages today, you. I appreciate it. MWAH.

  2. mamamlk says:

    Loved it! Very moving and inspiring. It makes you wonder why she never showed.

  3. Kevin says:

    That was a good one, Don!

  4. One of the best true story heart-break encounters I’ve read. You are gifted at re-telling events. We are lucky that you have decided to do so. Really well done.

  5. Wow.. That was a great post.. When I’m not being a smart ass on my blog, the homeless are my passion. I make quilts and personal care packages for them and pass them out directly to them, I don’t trust these organizations to get things where they’re actually needed. Most of the homeless I come in contact with won’t take food and I get that but they’ll take alcohol if you’ve got it, which I don’t give out.. It’s an interesting world they live in and it gets complicated sorting through the addicts, the ones who choose to be homeless and those who missed a paycheck and landed in a doorway somewhere.. Right, wrong or indifferent, the latter are the ones I tend to focus on. I was a single mom of 4 for many years and I always knew, “There but for the grace of God go I.”
    You’re awesome and I’m now following.. 🙂

    • Thanks a ton for this great comment, I couldn’t agree more. I love that you give the homeless much needed items. I don’t make it a practice of giving them booze, but I admit I’ve done it quite a bit. Sometimes to get information, most times to just shoot the shit with them and they’re going to get it anyway, right? I appreciate the follow and look forward to checking your blog out too.

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